Trump Tries London Again

*The red carpet was not wasted on Fauxtus. Queen Elizabeth II gifted Donald Trump (who, during last weeks visit to Japan, wished the Japanese military a Happy Memorial Day), a first edition of Churchill’s World War II book. Will Trump understand the subtle nudge to educate himself? I doubt it, but everyone else realizes the … Continue reading Trump Tries London Again

Another Week in Trump Pergatory

Facts are truths that exist in reality. We gather facts by observation, experience, or research compiled from multiple sources. Facts are not a liberal hoax. Facts are non-partisan. Here is a fact: Bill Barr’s time ran out on Friday. He has defiantly taken the stance that he alone, on behalf of Trump, decides what is … Continue reading Another Week in Trump Pergatory

Stating the Obvious

Bone Spurs Trump wants to start a war with Iran; whether it's because he's a cornered psycho, or because Putin told him to, this isn't fun anymore. He wants you to believe they're itching for a fight. I don't think we can afford to wait for impeachment, and I don't think we should have to. … Continue reading Stating the Obvious

Trump Spoke to Putin— words

Donald Trump spoke With Putin yesterday Did Trump question him About his foray Into election meddling, Cyberwar Against our democracy? Tell me more. "He smiled," Trump said When asked for a retort On Putin’s response To Mueller’s report Has Putin seen The unredacted file Before Congress? Either way, this is vile They weighed whether Trump’s … Continue reading Trump Spoke to Putin— words

Barr’s Gaslit Announcement

Q: When does an Attorney General make excuses for a person under investigation? A: Today Barr exonerated Trump of any interference with the investigation, due to Trump's "frustration" over the investigation: "There is substantial evidence to show that the President was frustrated and angered by a sincere belief that the investigation was undermining his presidency...” … Continue reading Barr’s Gaslit Announcement

What the Hell is Going On? 20 Questions for Robert Mueller

Robert, if you’re listening, please call me. I normally don’t pick up, but if you let it ring once then hang up, 3x, I’ll google your phone number. I’m guessing google will tell me it’s you, so when you call the 4th time I’ll pick up. If google doesn’t have your digits, I’ll probably block … Continue reading What the Hell is Going On? 20 Questions for Robert Mueller