Satellite Hits Target!

Listen, I’m a little upset, but, I learned many moons ago, to “🎶 always look on the bright side of life.” I try, I do. The bright side is that very few people read my last post. Here’s what you missed: after a list of depressing news reports, of which I did not expound, … Continue reading Satellite Hits Target!

Meet-Up: Asteroids & Satellites

I just can’t with the rhetoric of the new far-right Italian Prime Minister. Giorgia Meloni I don’t want to discuss the violence that has erupted in draft offices across Russia by those who oppose conscription. What is China up to in regard to Taiwan? Don’t answer that! I don’t want to know. reading Meet-Up: Asteroids & Satellites

Unwilling Russian Soldiers and Gunpoint Referendum Russian Autocrat Putin declared a “partial mobilization,” calling up 300,000 unwilling reservists, in a considerable escalation of his flagging invasion of Ukraine, which he paints as a fight to the death with the US and its allies. Several media sources and witness accounts detail the arrests of Russian anti-mobilization protesters who are conscripted once … Continue reading Unwilling Russian Soldiers and Gunpoint Referendum

A Week for the Good Guys

America’s war between decency and corruption seems to have taken a turn. The good guy has had a winning week. It’s been a long time coming, so enjoy. Last year: Parents goaded by GOP rhetoric sued Merrick Garland over a memorandum he issued to school boards. The memo referenced “an alarming spike in harassment, intimidation, … Continue reading A Week for the Good Guys

Iranian Women Fight Back

I will not pretend to be an expert on what’s happening in Iran. All I can do is offer you what I understand to be facts. I’ve included links so you can read the sources of my information, and I welcome clarification because I don’t get it. . Iran has “morality police.” They are nothing … Continue reading Iranian Women Fight Back

Trump’s Delay Tactic Fails

Trump’s latest attempt to delay his inevitable arrest, for violation of the espionage act, was to demand the appointment of a Special Master to review the Top-Secret documents seized by the FBI during their search of Mar-a-Lago. Judge Cannon, a judge Trump appointed during his lame duck period, who had been deemed “unqualified” agreed with … Continue reading Trump’s Delay Tactic Fails