Amendments of Impeachment Articles Passed

"From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. that is the point that must be reached." ~Franz Kafka We reached that point a while ago. A vote on amendments to the articles of impeachment against tRump took place minutes ago. Committee members voted along party lines as was expected; the vote … Continue reading Amendments of Impeachment Articles Passed

Final Lap To Impeach

Is anyone else angry that a two-bit hustler can cheat his way into the White House and then manipulate an entire party into helping him cheat to stay there? Does it bother anyone else that he doesn’t even know what is in the constitution, this guy who claims he was elected by the people to … Continue reading Final Lap To Impeach

Second Oval Office Meeting for Lavrov and Two Articles of Impeachment for Donny-Two-Scoops

Yesterday was another binge day for political news junkies. Impeachment hearings continued, and during opening statements, the Inspector General published his 400-page report concluding the FBI did not act improperly or show any bias in its investigation into Russian meddling. The report ends tRump and Barr’s conspiracy theory that Christopher Steele, who compiled a dossier … Continue reading Second Oval Office Meeting for Lavrov and Two Articles of Impeachment for Donny-Two-Scoops

House Plan, I Think It’s Time

After only two months of a formal impeachment inquiry, and only two weeks of public hearings, the House Intelligence Committee issued its impeachment report on President Trump. In that short period, Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff did what Bob Mueller was not able to do, present the public with compelling proof of tRump’s impeachable behavior … Continue reading House Plan, I Think It’s Time

Bullies Have the Most Fragile Egos

Across the pond yesterday, tRump was mocked by NATO world leaders. It’s better to laugh at a nefarious fool than to cry over his destruction. I’ve been thinking a lot about our country in these three tumultuous years, and what it means to be American. The American history we are taught in classrooms is not … Continue reading Bullies Have the Most Fragile Egos