Trump Tries London Again

*The red carpet was not wasted on Fauxtus.

Queen Elizabeth II gifted Donald Trump (who, during last weeks visit to Japan, wished the Japanese military a Happy Memorial Day), a first edition of Churchill’s World War II book.

Will Trump understand the subtle nudge to educate himself? I doubt it, but everyone else realizes the meaning behind her gift. (The book lover in me is sad to see the book go to someone who will not appreciate it’s value.)

Queen Elizabeth II gifts Trump a first edition of Churchill’s World War II book

Trump brought his entire kleptocratic regime along. Classy Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary who refuses to release Trump’s taxes despite a Congressional order, takes a selfie as people around the world ask: Why TF is he there?

A related story:

” Trump faces giant penis mown into field near airport where he lands for UK state visit.”

This begs the question, is London too hard on Trump?

Trump faces giant penis mown into field near airport where he lands for UK state visit

Protesters take to the streets while Trump tweets insults at London’s mayor as Air Force One approaches Britain:

The 20ft Trump Baby Blimp has been inflated, much like American produce prices resulting from Individual 1’s tariffs, and will fly over the masses protesting Trump’s visit.

Although Trump will have an entire floor of a pricey hotel, it’s another well-deserved jab. Unlike past presidents, the Trump’s will not lodge at Buckingham Palace during their UK state visit, because ”it’s undergoing extensive renovations.” 😉

Donald Trump won’t be allowed to stay at Buckingham Palace during UK state visit

The Tower of London is projecting statistics during President Trump’s visit to the UK.

While most Americans are not responsible, we apologize on Putin’s behalf, for what is sure to be Trump’s embarrassing behavior in the UK.

Please view a message from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. 👇🏼

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