This Is Not Normal RUN, FIGHT, HIDE! This public service announcement is alarming, but it is the same active shooter drills children are subjected to regularly. The insane truth is that because mass shootings have become a daily occurrence they are part of life in the U.S. How did we get here? Gun lobbyists supplement the income of … Continue reading This Is Not Normal

Trump Appointed Judge Rules in Jim Jordan’s Favor

As I gather the remnants of my brain (it just exploded) and piece it together, allow me to share this latest round of political injustice. You may remember Democrats lost the House majority in 2022. — Break time to give a shout out to those who don’t vote. — The new House Judiciary Committee is … Continue reading Trump Appointed Judge Rules in Jim Jordan’s Favor

Representative Clyde… a Limerick

Clyde today wearing an AR-15 pin Heedless of care for kids who’ve diedRepresentative Andrew ClydeWears a gun on his tieHis profits are whyHe won’t set his business aside Clyde (left) at the Capitol Building on 1/6 This member of congress is a gun store owner. He is a coward with a conflict of interests. “Republican … Continue reading Representative Clyde… a Limerick

Dispelling Disinformation

I will not repeat yesterday’s complaint that the Social Security goalpost has been moved for those of us born on or after 1960. “Full retirement age” changes from 65 to 67, for us youngsters. We lose 24 months of social security payments… I won’t say that today. I said it a lot yesterday. Not today … Continue reading Dispelling Disinformation

McCarthy’s Integrity in Exchange for Votes

This is a continuation of my last post, written in the afternoon hours of 1/6. It was after midnight when the 14th attempt to elect a new Speaker of the House ended with the same result as the previous 13. Kevin McCarthy is a historic loser. A failure whose legacy will be hard to beat. … Continue reading McCarthy’s Integrity in Exchange for Votes

McCarthy, Metal Detectors, and Maga… a love story

*Updated It’s a tale as old as time, boy meets MAGA, boy angers MAGA, Trump decides McCarthy has had enough humiliation. The results shown above, from the third vote for Speaker of the House, are much like the first and second. All votes were held yesterday. The House adjourned to reconvene this afternoon. Someone needs … Continue reading McCarthy, Metal Detectors, and Maga… a love story