Trump Spoke to Putin— words

Donald Trump spoke

With Putin yesterday

Did Trump question him

About his foray

Into election meddling,


Against our democracy?

Tell me more.

He smiled,” Trump said

When asked for a retort

On Putin’s response

To Mueller’s report

Has Putin seen

The unredacted file

Before Congress?

Either way, this is vile

They weighed whether

Trump’s administration

(Wait, I am confused;

Who runs our nation?)

Should let former White House

Counsel McGahn

Testify before Congress—

As was planned

Trump on Mueller to Putin,


Not of Putin to Mueller,

How clever

To commit treason

Under the spotlight

No care for

Democratic oversight



No hiding of

Russia’s infiltration

”Hell is empty;

All the Devils are here.”

That’s a quote by the bard

~William Shakespeare

4 thoughts on “Trump Spoke to Putin— words

  1. “Here, Putin, take our country.”
    “Oh, comrade, I don’t want your stupid country. I just want to weaken you so much that you’re a laughingstock in the world.”
    “OKAY! Whatever works best for you!”

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