We Have a Winner

Had I read the story linked below, prior to writing my post earlier today, the post would have had an end, but I hadn’t, and it didn’t, so here it is.

Amid cooperation bid, Flynn messaged top Mueller critic in Congress

Matt Gaetz, the drunk driving, witness threatening, Republican Florida Congressman, is one of the people “connected to” Congress who were mentioned in the recently unsealed, document of evidence in the redacted Mueller report.

Gaetz was on the receiving end of texts from Mike Flynn; one sent as recently as the day of Bill Barr’s confirmation as attorney general. I matt have gaetzed.

“Keep the pressure on.” ~ Flynn to Gaetz

Flynn has been communicating with the White House despite his plea agreement with Robert Mueller, proving some people cannot be reformed.

“You stay on top of what you’re doing. Your leadership is so vital for our country now, ” ~text from Flynn to Gaetz

Gaetz repeats Trump’s narratives, defending Trump at every opportunity. He wrote the following tweet before Cohen testified before Congress.

Trump liked it. Gaetz was overheard on a call with Trump saying:

”Mr. President, I was happy to do it.”

He isn’t the most discrete criminal politician in office.

Nancy did not like Gaetz’s tweet:

After Pelosi’s response, Gaetz deleted his tweet and ”apologized” by denying he meant it as a threat.

Then he showed up at Michael Cohen’s hearing, to scowl at Cohen, in support. (sarcasm)


Gaetz is lovely on Twitter. He went along with Bill Barr’s 4-page version and encouraged people to ignore the redacted Mueller report after it was released.

Matt is hated across his home state of Florida, he won’t be missed when he atones for all witness tampering, and whatever else is still redacted.

👆🏼My personal favorite Gaetz photo.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is a terrible person

On the upside, for Matt, his next mugshot will not be released to the public as per new police policies protecting the identities of those who may have been falsely accused.

Matt is under investigation by the Florida Bar Association.


We can continue playing our guess game regardless; who will be un-redacted next?

Who Called Flynn?

Trump’s Tariffs Goal Met

Putin has been paid another installment on his investment in Trump, the gift that keeps on giving.

Any question over the reasoning behind Trump’s additional tariffs, the consequences of which will force more farmers into bankruptcy, has been answered. Trump gave Putin the US trade agreement with China.

China canceled its trade agreement with the US as a result of Trump’s latest tariffs. Putin will pick up that trade agreement and sell soybeans and poultry meat to China.

Trump’s means of obfuscation comes with the offer of a second farm bailout, (cough-socialism). The first bailout went to a Brazilian bobsled team, (yes, that’s a joke, not a bobsled team, but Brazilians who bribed officials,) and Senator Grassley. Who will be on the receiving end of this taxpayer-funded farm bailout?

Let’s a review. Trump indirectly pays Putin US taxpayer money by increasing tariffs again, which causes China to cancel its trade agreement with the US, which Russia picks up, American farmers go bankrupt straining the economy; further, Trump pays another taxpayer-funded bailout, that will probably not end up in the hands of those who need it, and the deficit goes up.

And no one notices a thing, because this is a three-ring circus, (honk🤡), and the spotlight is on whichever ring Trump tweets.

The mainstream press is easily distracted, and reports 24/7 on what Trump says or tweets, not on what is happening.

The only question that remains is, does Trump, the guy who hasn’t mastered the umbrella, understand what he has done?

Trump asking farmers to make ‘patriotic’ sacrifices in his trade war

Putin says Russia will supply soybeans, poultry meat to China

Trump administration farmers bailout money went to corrupt Brazilian brothers who bribed officials

White House explores new farmer bailout plan as US-China trade war heats up

Millionaire Sen. Chuck Grassley Applying For Trump’s Farm Bailout Funds

Mnuchin and Barr follow Cohens Lead

This week Michael Cohen began his prison sentence; he is just one in a long line of former Trump employees who are suffering the consequences, for breaking the law on individual 1’s behalf. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is clamping down on the stolen presidency that keeps him a free man.

As wrong as it is, that Trump is not Cohen’s current cell-mate, I hope Cohen finds a long line of mutual acquaintances will soon join him.

Steve Mnuchin has repeatedly ignored Congressional mandates to turn over Trump’s taxes. The most recent missed deadline was this morning, and by ignoring it, Mnuchin has broken a law that comes with a five-year prison sentence. He is obstructing multiple Congressional investigations.

“Under Section 6103 of our tax code, Treasury officials ‘shall’ turn over the tax returns ‘upon written request’ of the chair of either congressional tax committee or the federal employee who runs Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation.”

Munchin ”rejects the request.”

When did rejecting a congressional subpoena become an option? Mnuchin appears to be confident he is under Trump’s protection. Like Michael Cohen before him, Steve Mnuchin is misguided.

On what grounds does he withhold evidence?

“Out of respect for the deadlines previously set by the Committee, and consistent with our commitment to a prompt response, I am informing you now that the Department may not lawfully fulfill the Committee’s request,” Mnuchin said, citing guidance from the Department of Justice. ~NBC News

The DOJ told him he could break the law. Who runs the DOJ?


Ah, Secretary of State Bill Barr, who has been squatting on the unreacted Mueller report and it’s associated evidence, since March 22, ignoring his congressional subpoena, is advising others to follow suit.

Barr obstructs justice, while acting in Trump’s defense, violating his role as Attorney General. Like Mnuchin, Barr has been given countless opportunities to cooperate. Monday’s deadline, issued on Friday, gave Barr 48 hours to consider his action, and now he has been given another 48 hours before the House votes on what action they will take.

The glaring disparity between Trump and his mob, with creeping deadlines and countless opportunities to follow the law leave a bitter taste in the mouth of anyone paying attention. Still, with all of the above, the DOJ has protested against the Democrats ”rush to hold Barr in contempt.”

These white collar criminals are making a mockery of the House Judiciary Committee; its time to prosecute.

If this were a game of chess, several Pawns would be gone. Munchkin would be a Rook, Barr Trump’s Queen. It isn’t always necessary to take the Queen out to capture the King, but it may be in this case.

Mueller Report: Justice Department Protests Democrats’ ‘Rush’ to Hold AG William Barr in Contempt | National Review

Full Video: Attorney General Bill Barr Press Conference On Final Mueller Report

Here’s the Law That Requires Mnuchin to Turn Over Trump’s Taxes, or Go Directly to Jail

Mnuchin rejects Hill request to hand over Trump tax returns

Treasury misses the the deadline to turn over Trump tax returns, says decision coming May 6

Nancy Pelosi’s Plan

The New York Times published an interview on 5/4/2019, with Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. In it, she says that she doesn’t trust Donald Trump to step down if he loses the 2020 election with anything less than an indisputably wide margin.

Pelosi Warns Democrats: Stay in the Center or Trump May Contest Election Results

Many are shocked that this is not the #1 news story. I am shocked it’s garnered any attention at all. Why is anyone surprised?

When Michael Cohen, who knows Donald Trump better than most, testified before the House Oversight Committee, on February 27, 2019, he said:

”Indeed, given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, there will never be a peaceful transition of power…”

No one batted an eye.


Trump refusing to step down isn’t our biggest worry. Speaker Pelosi also expressed concern that Trump might steal the 2020 election. Trump pillaged 2016 without consequences. Of course, he will steal the 2020 election.

The prospect of winning the election, against a party that’s cheating, is a challenge Democrats do not appear to be planning to fight realistically.

Russia’s role in Trump’s stunning 2016 ”win” is not a secret on Russian TV. They joke of a repeat in 2020.

Russia’s Mueller Report: If Putin Did It, He Did It for You

What has been done to secure the election? Nothing.

States slow to spend funds to enhance election security, report finds

Trump and Senator Mitch McConnell have fought every attempt to overhaul election security, ignoring money designated for just that.

$380 million was allocated to be used in that effort; a fraction has been spent, and that which has been spent was in purchasing machines, that can change votes after they’ve been cast, on paper ballots.

New “hybrid” voting system can change paper ballot after it’s been cast

The presidency is keeping Donald Trump out of jail. He will contest election results no matter the margin of loss.

What kind of president calls an investigation a coup? Trump is a dictator, and dictators don’t step down. Appeasing him, and waiting this term out, is not the right strategy for the situation in which we find ourselves.

The longer Trump is in office, the more time McConnell has to stack the courts and block reform. The Senate has just confirmed Trump’s 100th judicial nominee, while we wait for 2020.

Senate confirms Trump’s 100th judicial nominee

Nancy Pelosi’s passive plan is the result of current polls that show a majority of Americans do not want impeachment. She also cites Mitch McConnell’s tireless efforts to protect Trump as her reason not to start impeachment hearings. McConnell will stop proceedings when they reach the Senate unless there is overwhelming public support.

I respect Pelosi, and I can see the impossible position she’s in, but her plan doesn’t make sense to me. Waiting for 2020, hoping Putin will let someone other than Trump win, and by a landslide, is a fools bet. Democrats only have the majority in the House of Representatives.

Pelosi wants Democrats to win support by not veering too far left; stay center, focus on healthcare and jobs; this is her strategy to sway the masses.

A majority of Americans have tuned out the news. The only way to get public support is to get the public’s attention. Pelosi’s plan is too deferential to wake America up. Public support will come with full disclosure of Trump’s crimes.

We need public outcry to sway the Senate. Garnering the kind of public approval that will convince Republican senators to vote to impeach can only be achieved with televised impeachment hearings. Impeachment must start now. Trump cannot be trusted to run a fair election. He spent an hour on the phone with Putin on Friday. Who believes they didn’t discuss election strategy?

I hope I’m wrong, but I believe Speaker Pelosi’s plan to win a fair election, by a landslide, in 2020, against cheats and traitors, is like having a life plan based on winning the lottery, and I can tell you, that doesn’t work.

Mueller revealed his Trump-Russia story in plain view

Bob Mueller is scheduled to testify before the House Judiciary committee on May 15, maybe that will be enough to win over the masses.

Whether they’re Democrats or Republicans, urge your House Representatives to vote for resolution 257 to give the House Judiciary Committee the authority to hold televised impeachment hearings, call them: 202-224-3121.

Trump Spoke to Putin— words

Donald Trump spoke

With Putin yesterday

Did Trump question him

About his foray

Into election meddling,


Against our democracy?

Tell me more.

He smiled,” Trump said

When asked for a retort

On Putin’s response

To Mueller’s report

Has Putin seen

The unredacted file

Before Congress?

Either way, this is vile

They weighed whether

Trump’s administration

(Wait, I am confused;

Who runs our nation?)

Should let former White House

Counsel McGahn

Testify before Congress—

As was planned

Trump on Mueller to Putin,


Not of Putin to Mueller,

How clever

To commit treason

Under the spotlight

No care for

Democratic oversight



No hiding of

Russia’s infiltration

”Hell is empty;

All the Devils are here.”

That’s a quote by the bard

~William Shakespeare

12 Bill Barr (not so) Fun Facts

  • These 12 facts are not related to Bill Barr’s Iran Contra history, when in 1986, as Attorney General, he refused to turn over a campaign diary, evidence pertinent to the Iran Contra Investigation. Barr then urged George HW Bush to pardon six officials from Ronald Reagan’s administration. These actions effectively shut down the investigation by independent prosecutor Lawrence Walsh.
    1. Barr owns an apartment in Trump Tower.
    1. Barr won’t recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, or any resultant inquiries, because the only reason he accepted the position as Attorney General was to protect Trump.
    2. Barr’s net worth is in the range of $20 million.
    3. Barr’s law firm represents Alfa Bank; a Russian mob controlled bank.
    4. The head of Alfa is Mikahil Fridman, who has ties to Manafort.
    5. Barr holds stock and receives dividends from the Vector Group.
    6. The Vector Group is a holding firm with investments in New York real estate.
    7. The Vector Group was heavily invested in the New York real estate market and the Trump Organization.
    8. Russian kleptocrats laundered their money through the Vector Group.
    9. Howard Lorber, president of The Vector Group, introduced Trump to the Moscow real estate market in the 90s.
    10. Bill Barr’s son-in-law took a job in the White House counsel’s office at the same time Bill Barr agreed to take on the Attorney General position.
    11. Barr requested Russian spy, and key witness in dozens of crimes, Maria Butina, be sent home to Moscow without serving her sentence. Butina said she was the channel for Russia approving the American SECRETARY OF STATE.
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