Cory Lewandowski is a Dick

Ding dong, impeachment hearings have begun. What impeachment hearings, you ask? The hearings that will determine whether or not Fake POTUS committed the impeachable offense of obstruction of justice by attempting to cut short, end, and or limit the Mueller investigation. There are ten separate occurrences of this offense described in Robert Mueller’s report. As … Continue reading Cory Lewandowski is a Dick

Who Doesn’t Like the Idea of Foreign Spies?

The squatter in chief is a national security threat; we knew this. He proves it every day. Today we know that his incompetence and disloyalty cost the CIA a spy who had direct access to Putin, a spy who had risen to the highest level of Putin’s inner circle after cultivating the relationship for ten-years, … Continue reading Who Doesn’t Like the Idea of Foreign Spies?

Taliban at Camp David— What’s Really Going On?

I have a suspicious mind, or maybe I read enough to know that whatever the Commander-of-Thieves claims, the opposite is true. D.C.’s favorite idiot has passed the week arguing (distracting) about who said Alabama was in the line of a hurricane, Now he has announced the cancellation of a ”secret meeting” with the Taliban that … Continue reading Taliban at Camp David— What’s Really Going On?

Like Russia

This administration renders the United States more like Russia every day. One example proving my point is Russia’s government-run news media. Fox News acts in this capacity here, coddling our White House pretender. Russia’s President Putin arrests reporters who tell the truth; their stories are shut down. Here, 45 verbally attacks the media who report … Continue reading Like Russia

Breaking News We Knew

Today is a tell me something I didn't know, x3 kind of day. Shock is rippling through Washington DC with news of a disclosure detail in Trump’s massive Deutsche bank loans. Remember Don the con had filed bankruptcy six times, and not a single American bank would lend him an ear, much less money. The … Continue reading Breaking News We Knew

Our House is on Fire

Current topics of discussion, as of late, have left me uninspired to write. The following joke is making the rounds: Q: What’s the difference between Trump and Greenland? A: You can't buy Greenland. The man who inspirits humor, among those who can still laugh, is not useful for much else, asking philosophical questions out of … Continue reading Our House is on Fire