Stay Right Where You Are, Guvnah

It is disappointing that New York Guvnah Cuomo may be guilty of creepy behavior. It is scandalous to imagine a single man asking someone if he can kiss them at a wedding reception. There should be an investigation, using lots of taxpayer funds to determine the veracity of the allegations. My only wish is that … Continue reading Stay Right Where You Are, Guvnah

Senate Indictment Doesn’t Stick to Teflon Don— Again

Before I start my rant about the Saturday vote to acquit Donald Trump, I believe the defense team’s creative method of distraction on Friday merits mention. The following people were randomly brought into the defense team's argument: Madonna, Johnny Depp, Robert De Niro, ANTIFA, and of course Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. Très bizarre. Democrats … Continue reading Senate Indictment Doesn’t Stick to Teflon Don— Again

“Members Present”

On Thursday, day three of Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial, two violations occurred that should, but won't, change the trial's trajectory. “No person shall be convicted [of impeachment] without the concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present” Article 1 § 3 US Constitution Fifteen to seventeen Senate seats on the GOP side were vacant for … Continue reading “Members Present”

Trump Provoked January 06

Today, Thursday, is likely the last day of the Senate impeachment teams presentation. Wednesday’s argument left viewers shaken as prosecutors pieced together the events from several points of view, particularly that of the Capitol Police. The hours they fought off Trump’s mob, that far outnumbered them, and the violence inflicted on them was graphically displayed. … Continue reading Trump Provoked January 06

Can We Do Impartial Justice and Convict Him—This Time?

Representative Adam Schiff's closing argument at the end of Trump's first impeachment trial was awe-inspiring. Unfortunately wasn't enough to break the partisan gridlock that has crippled our government for a decade. Donald Trump should have been removed from office a year ago. So many lives have been lost because of the cowards in the Senate … Continue reading Can We Do Impartial Justice and Convict Him—This Time?

All Hail Tom Brady- No Thanks

All hail Tom Brady, the 400-year-old QB who doesn’t age or lose. I don’t watch sports, so I did not watch the Super Bowl, but I know who Tom Brady is. Last week I watched a video from Jimmy Kimmel’s show, of Tom Brady reading "mean tweets," and it was meant to be endearing. … Continue reading All Hail Tom Brady- No Thanks