Stating the Obvious

Bone Spurs Trump wants to start a war with Iran; whether it’s because he’s a cornered psycho, or because Putin told him to, this isn’t fun anymore. He wants you to believe they’re itching for a fight.

I don’t think we can afford to wait for impeachment, and I don’t think we should have to.

The evidence that Russia tipped the election for Trump is “staggering,” ~former U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper

  1. James Clapper and every leader in the intelligence community who worked in 2016 said Russia interfered with the presidential election.
  2. More specifically, Clapper said Russia ”tipped the election.”
  3. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million.
  4. Several states exit poles did not match the outcome of the election, surprising the media and Trump his electoral win.

Based on the above, Trump is not a legitimate president.

In addition to targeted propaganda, hacked servers, and a well-timed release of stolen emails, the actual votes in 2016 look suspicious.

As soon as January, 2017, the intelligence community believed elections were breached in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. Now they say 21 states showed evidence of hacking attempts, whether or not they were actually breached is a secret.

“I recently met with the FBI concerning the election issue mentioned in the Mueller report; two Florida counties experienced intrusion into the supervisor of election networks. There was no manipulation.” ~Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis

DeSantis said he can’t say which counties, because ”they told him not to.”

Exit polls did not match actual results.

Trump “won” the electoral vote— 304-227.

•FLORIDA — 29 Electoral Votes

  • Exit Polls: Clinton 47.7, Trump 46.4
  • Clinton wins by 1.3
  • Actual: Clinton 47.8, Trump 49.0
  • Trump wins by 1.2
  • Trump gain between exit polls and actual results: 2.5
  • NORTH CAROLINA — 15 Electoral Votes

  • Exit Polls: Clinton 48.6, Trump 46.5
  • Clinton wins by 2.1
  • Actual: Clinton 46.1, Trump 49.9
  • Trump wins by 3.8
  • Trump gain: 5.9
  • PENNSYLVANIA — 20 Electoral Votes

  • Exit Polls: Clinton 50.5, Trump 46.1
  • Clinton wins by 4.4
  • Actual: Clinton 47.6, Trump 48.8
  • Trump wins by 1.2
  • Trump gain: 5.6
  • WISCONSIN — 10 Electoral Votes

  • Exit Polls: Clinton 48.2, Trump 44.3
  • Clinton wins by 3.9
  • Actual: Clinton 47.6, Trump 48.8
  • Trump wins by 1.2
  • Trump gain: 5.1
  • Without the unexpected flip of 74 electoral votes, the outcome of the election would have been different.

    Hillary Clinton wins the electoral vote— 301-230

    Based on these facts, I say Trump didn’t win the election.

    Why must we go through an impeachment process, affording an illegitimate president a right meant for elected officials? He doesn’t deserve impeachment.

    He doesn’t deserve to be protected by the presidency, an office he stole.

    Regardless of how he got there, consider our current situation.

    1. More than 400 former federal prosecutors, who have worked in Republican and Democratic administrations, recently asserted, in a signed statement, that special counsel Robert Mueller’s unredacted findings highlight indictable obstruction offenses committed by Donald Trump, enough to prosecute any citizen.
    2. Trump continues to have private meetings with Putin, waving his thumb at everyone who cries foul. ”No, collusion, no obstruction.”
    3. Trump’s policies have all been beneficial to Putin, from dismantling the EPA, and ending sanctions, to his choice of cabinet members.
    4. Putin’s goal in giving Trump the win was two-fold. 1-He hates Hillary Clinton. 2-He wants the chaos he knew Trump would inflict to send the U.S. spiraling into worldwide insignificance.

    Trump is a threat to national security and a traitor. He is under the protection of compromised members of the GOP who have either taken Russian money or succumbed to blackmail. He takes orders from the Kremlin.

    Trump was not elected- he does not qualify for impeachment. Arrest him and his equally illegitimate family, his VP, and his contemptible Attorney General; remove his installed cabinet, and SCOTUS’s picks; unredact the Mueller report, refer to the evidence, and indict accordingly.

    👇🏼This is not normal.👇🏼

    His diehard deflectors- Graham, McConnell, Nunes, Gaetz, Kennedy, are likely protected by redactions.

    Mitch McConnell should explain why he obscured Russian interference in our election.

    Once everyone who has committed indictable or impeachable offenses is removed, Democrats will have the Senate majority. This will allow cleanup of our hackable election system and end gerrymandering.

    You don’t think this is serious?

    Congress voted to end military assistance to Saudi Arabia.

    The House voted 247 to 175 to end it.

    The Senate voted 54 to 46 to end it.

    Trump ignored Congress and sold 8 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia.

    Trump will send us to war with Iran at Putin’s behest. His speeches sound alarmingly similar to George W’s prior to announcing his war with Iran.

    Iran doesn’t want war. Trump must be stopped.

    Evidence Russia tipped election for Trump “staggering,” says former U.S. intelligence chief James Clapper

    Supreme Court temporarily blocks rulings requiring new voting maps for Ohio and Michigan

    2016 Exit Polls vs. Actual Results: Here’s What May Have Happened

    U.S. intel: Russia compromised seven states prior to 2016 election

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