Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Clear your calendars for Wednesday. Tell your Trump-supporting acquaintances, your politically apathetic friends, and the willfully disinterested who don't realize our country is in a sinkhole, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will finally testify. Republican’s in Congress are preparing to use their allotted time to paint Robert Mueller, a Republican war hero, as biased, and … Continue reading Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Trump Shows Us Who He Is

On June 12, 2019, Donald J Trump told George Stephanopoulos, on camera, he would accept information offered by any foreign adversary, (North Korea, China, Russia), to use against a political opponent. Trump would welcome help from a hostile power to stay in office, including hacked materials. He said it on camera. He appears to have … Continue reading Trump Shows Us Who He Is

Trump Tries London Again

*The red carpet was not wasted on Fauxtus. Queen Elizabeth II gifted Donald Trump (who, during last weeks visit to Japan, wished the Japanese military a Happy Memorial Day), a first edition of Churchill’s World War II book. Will Trump understand the subtle nudge to educate himself? I doubt it, but everyone else realizes the … Continue reading Trump Tries London Again

Robert Mueller has Spoken

"If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not." ~Special Counsel Robert Mueller Robert Mueller made his first public statement today regarding the conclusion of his report into Russia’s election tampering, with the cooperation of members of Trump’s campaign, and Trump’s attempts … Continue reading Robert Mueller has Spoken

Barr’s in Contempt of Congress, and Trump’s an Idiot

In today's news, Donald Trump asserted executive privilege, in a strange attempt to circumvent Contempt of Congress charges against his Attorney General, Bill Barr. The House Judiciary Committee’s hearings and vote are being held today. That big news seems to have been overshadowed by the New York Times story that discloses a decade of Trump’s … Continue reading Barr’s in Contempt of Congress, and Trump’s an Idiot

Apparently They Think That’s Okay

Trump’s defenders have moved on from “no collusion, no obstruction” to “yeah, it’s true, so what." As indisputable truths, regarding Trump’s relationship with Russia, become common knowledge, thanks to the redacted version of the Mueller Report, the direction their argument has taken was an inevitability. Russians bought “a couple of ads on Facebook” what? … Continue reading Apparently They Think That’s Okay