Are Vegans Stupid?

I can’t do politics today, so I will pontificate on something incontrovertible— veganism.

An article popped up in my newsfeed because it would seem my data has been sold, regarding the effects of veganism on intelligence, brain function, etc.

While I didn’t finish the article, because I lost interest and they seemed to be insinuating mathy things, I was able to capture its essence without using my calculator or Google.

Tests on starving Africans, consisting of three kinds of soup, tested the effects of meat on cognitive ability vs a vegan’s intrinsic mental impairment. I wonder if the meat industry-funded this research, or do people really care this much how others choose to eat?

Three soups were fed to, again, starving people: some received only soup with added beef, some only soup with added dairy, and others ate only soup with oil added.

Those who were fed beef were more focussed and analytical than participants in the other two groups. My hypothesis would be that these are starving people who needed calories and of the three ingredients, meat is highest in calories, and it takes the longest to digest. I’m only a vegan- what do I know.

My gotcha is that the group placing second in the IQish test was the oil-eating group. Oil is higher in calories than dairy. But the article didn’t mention that, nor did it’s author delve into any results of the non-meat soup eaters.

Right before I started drooling and staring at the wall I read something I already knew. There are two important minerals vegan diets lack, and they affect energy and cognition. Vegans need to take vitamin B12 and iron supplements daily, or we will in fact be stupid.

Also: blah blah blah nuts, blah blah blah…

Live and let live, dummies.

11 thoughts on “Are Vegans Stupid?

  1. Hi Lydia, my understanding is that ALL protein comes from plants, not some of it, all of it. And the fact that meat contains protein is because the animal eats it i.e. when you eat meat you are receiving secondhand protein digested by the animal. Check out Dr Milton Mills on youtube His video Protein Chemistry for Understanding Nutrition by Dr Milton Mills is a long video but at 5 minutes in he makes the statement. I’m vegan by choice and no one could convince me that I don’t get enough protein. Like you though, I don’t talk about veganism unless asked directly.

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  2. Imagine how the experiment would have turned out if they added some couscous or any grain to the soup. Biased studies are the easiest to spot!

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  3. Interesting article and I think that meat is generally higher in calories compared to the same volume of vegan food. Which is why those starving people who had had meat were more focused. Though the correct quantity of vegan food on someone who is healthy is just as good, if not better compared to a meat diet imo.


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