How will Barr Influence Epstein’s Case?

The short duration of outrage at crimes committed by Cheetolini is chronic. He has his gift of distraction, but he also has helpers who make his sins disappear. Whatever happened with the SDNY investigation into individual 1’s campaign finance violations, the violations that landed his then-attorney, Michael Cohen in prison? The investigation was quietly closed, … Continue reading How will Barr Influence Epstein’s Case?

The Vile Culture of Customs and Border Patrol

Political events of these past days have been relentless, vile, ominous, and most disturbing of all, typical. Every day of the last 18 months is more despicable than the previous. The gravity of what Trump is doing with his ill-begotten position does not phase the masses, because we have been groomed to accept these events … Continue reading The Vile Culture of Customs and Border Patrol

Jeffrey Epstein Walks Away Again

Serial child molesting pedophile pimp walks away again, leaving over 40 victims without justice. It’s good to be a rich white man— pandering to perverts in power doesn't hurt either. Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Offender Plea Deal Must Stand, Federal Prosecutors Say Although only 40 accusers came forward, 80 victims have been identified, and the number … Continue reading Jeffrey Epstein Walks Away Again

Mueller Report in Ten Acts

You haven't read the redacted report, no time. You fell asleep listening to the audio book, while driving. The movie version hasn't gone into production. Rodeo clowns are working with limited tools to convey the meaning, honks and squirting flowers. There is another way to learn what is in the Mueller report— a condensed 10 … Continue reading Mueller Report in Ten Acts

KAGA Trump Re-election

Last night in Orlando, in an arena with enough seats for just 20,000 people, Trump so like Jesus, somehow managed to host 100,000 and still have empty seats. Trump has a new slogan: "Keep America Great," as seen in the photo, above and below an abandoned section. What great news! We had achieved the elusive … Continue reading KAGA Trump Re-election

Evangelicals and Tax Exemption

Evangelical leader promises 'most ambitious' voter mobilization in the community's history for Trump Whatever your religious beliefs or affiliations, you must wonder how Evangelical leaders have made their political opinions so public, considering the restrictions in place prohibiting them from evangelizing— politically. Church pastors and leaders of all religious organizations have the same first amendment … Continue reading Evangelicals and Tax Exemption