We Have a Winner

Had I read the story linked below, prior to writing my post earlier today, the post would have had an end, but I hadn’t, and it didn’t, so here it is.

Amid cooperation bid, Flynn messaged top Mueller critic in Congress

Matt Gaetz, the drunk driving, witness threatening, Republican Florida Congressman, is one of the people “connected to” Congress who were mentioned in the recently unsealed, document of evidence in the redacted Mueller report.

Gaetz was on the receiving end of texts from Mike Flynn; one sent as recently as the day of Bill Barr’s confirmation as attorney general. I matt have gaetzed.

“Keep the pressure on.” ~ Flynn to Gaetz

Flynn has been communicating with the White House despite his plea agreement with Robert Mueller, proving some people cannot be reformed.

“You stay on top of what you’re doing. Your leadership is so vital for our country now, ” ~text from Flynn to Gaetz

Gaetz repeats Trump’s narratives, defending Trump at every opportunity. He wrote the following tweet before Cohen testified before Congress.

Trump liked it. Gaetz was overheard on a call with Trump saying:

”Mr. President, I was happy to do it.”

He isn’t the most discrete criminal politician in office.

Nancy did not like Gaetz’s tweet:

After Pelosi’s response, Gaetz deleted his tweet and ”apologized” by denying he meant it as a threat.

Then he showed up at Michael Cohen’s hearing, to scowl at Cohen, in support. (sarcasm)


Gaetz is lovely on Twitter. He went along with Bill Barr’s 4-page version and encouraged people to ignore the redacted Mueller report after it was released.

Matt is hated across his home state of Florida, he won’t be missed when he atones for all witness tampering, and whatever else is still redacted.

👆🏼My personal favorite Gaetz photo.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is a terrible person

On the upside, for Matt, his next mugshot will not be released to the public as per new police policies protecting the identities of those who may have been falsely accused.

Matt is under investigation by the Florida Bar Association.


We can continue playing our guess game regardless; who will be un-redacted next?

Who Called Flynn?

Trump’s Tariffs Goal Met

Putin has been paid another installment on his investment in Trump, the gift that keeps on giving.

Any question over the reasoning behind Trump’s additional tariffs, the consequences of which will force more farmers into bankruptcy, has been answered. Trump gave Putin the US trade agreement with China.

China canceled its trade agreement with the US as a result of Trump’s latest tariffs. Putin will pick up that trade agreement and sell soybeans and poultry meat to China.

Trump’s means of obfuscation comes with the offer of a second farm bailout, (cough-socialism). The first bailout went to a Brazilian bobsled team, (yes, that’s a joke, not a bobsled team, but Brazilians who bribed officials,) and Senator Grassley. Who will be on the receiving end of this taxpayer-funded farm bailout?

Let’s a review. Trump indirectly pays Putin US taxpayer money by increasing tariffs again, which causes China to cancel its trade agreement with the US, which Russia picks up, American farmers go bankrupt straining the economy; further, Trump pays another taxpayer-funded bailout, that will probably not end up in the hands of those who need it, and the deficit goes up.

And no one notices a thing, because this is a three-ring circus, (honk🤡), and the spotlight is on whichever ring Trump tweets.

The mainstream press is easily distracted, and reports 24/7 on what Trump says or tweets, not on what is happening.

The only question that remains is, does Trump, the guy who hasn’t mastered the umbrella, understand what he has done?

Trump asking farmers to make ‘patriotic’ sacrifices in his trade war

Putin says Russia will supply soybeans, poultry meat to China

Trump administration farmers bailout money went to corrupt Brazilian brothers who bribed officials

White House explores new farmer bailout plan as US-China trade war heats up

Millionaire Sen. Chuck Grassley Applying For Trump’s Farm Bailout Funds

The Slow Death of Womens Rights

Alabama, Georgia, Ohio

The Alabama Human Life Protection Act is an attack on women’s health and freedom. This is one phase of a plan by the Federalist society to overturn reproductive rights nationally.


Alabama passed a ban on abortion, without exception for rape or incest; the measure is the most extreme anti-abortion law in the country.

There was an attempt to add an amendment to the bill, exempting rape and incest, but it failed with a vote of 11-22.

With this new legislation, doctors could who perform abortions could face 99 years in prison. This sentence is more severe than for murder and rape.

The actual bill passed with a vote of 25 to 6, and although Alabama Governor Kay Ivey had six days to review the bill, she signed it immediately.

In Alabama, victims of rape, women and children, who are impregnated during rape must give birth to the child of the man who raped them.

Add to that the knowledge that Alabama is one of seven states where the rapist can sue for custody of the child.

What can we do?

This isn’t enough, but we can boycott Alabama. Let these companies know why you choose to do business elsewhere; this may be enough incentive for them to relocate: AAA Copper, American Cas Iron Pipe Company, Books-A-Million, Hibbard Sports, Mercedes-Benz US International, Protective Life (What do they do?), Sneaky Petes, Waterman Steam Corporation, etc

Alabama ban on nearly all abortions in now in the Republican governor’s hands



Unfortunately, there is a current example of anti-abortion legislation harming a child victim of rape. This week in Ohio, Republican Governor Mike DeWine, signed an anti-abortion bill that will not permit an 11-year-old victim to abort a pregnancy caused by rape, regardless of the risk the pregnancy puts on her life.

And there sits Mike Devine, surrounded by women who are traitors to there gender.

Should 11-year-old girls have to bear their rapists’ babies? Ohio says yes.

What can we do?

We can boycott companies based in Ohio: Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Marathon Petroleum, Nationwide Insurance, Macy’s, Progressive Insurance, Goodyear, Sherwin Williams, JM Smucker, Fifth Third Banks, Big Lots, etc.



Who remembers Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia?

Kemp oversaw his own election when he ran for Governor in 2018. He was the Republican candidate who used his position as Secretary of State to disenfranchise thousands of voters by withholding 53,000 voter registration applications, 70% of which had been submitted by black citizens. He rejected absentee ballots, closed polling stations across the state in black communities, he did not provide enough working machines in predominantly black neighborhoods (Do you see a pattern?), which resulted in extremely long slow moving lines, and discouraged many, including older and disabled people, from voting.

Stacey Abrams, a black woman, would likely have won had Kemp not (I’ll say it), cheated. Abrams lost by only 59,000 votes.

Incidentally, Georgia has not done anything to correct their policies of voter suppression, not unlike other GOP held states. They will not change that which keeps them in power.

A top GOP adviser slammed Georgia’s Brian Kemp for cheating and undermining democracy to win Georgia governor race

Governor Brian Kemp, you must remember him now.

Kemp, the successful fraud, has an anti-woman agenda. He is the one and only Governor of Georgia who just signed the fetal heartbeat bill.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signs fetal heartbeat bill, one of most restrictive abortion laws in the the the the nation

The “Heartbeat Bill” is the bill that allows abortions only until a heartbeat can be detected, usually six weeks of pregnancy. This is essentially a ban on abortions because few women know they’re pregnant at six weeks. Incidentally, the pregnancy clock begins ticking at the end of the last menstrual cycle, not when sperm meets egg. Your next period is only two weeks late when you are at six weeks.

How and when to take a pregnancy test

According to medicalnewstoday.com, HCG can usually be detected by a urine test 12 to 14 days after conception— USUALLY.

Usually, a woman has no pregnancy symptoms 14 days after conception.

So, we’ve established that Brian Kemp is a cheat and a misogynistic asshole.

What can we do?

We can boycott a few companies headquartered in Georgia: Chick-fil-a, Waffle House , Hooters, Popeye’s, Spanx (You won’t need them if you boycott the above), Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Aflac, Brawny, Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Sparkle, Mardi Gras, Dixie, Wellspring, Georgia-Pacific- (Owned by Koch Industries and Georgia based)

How the Koch network rivals the GOP

Speaking of the Koch brothers, their goal, it appears, is to deconstruct the government, and one step in that direction is to control women through legislation.

Another billionaire family behind much of the dark money in politics are the Mercers. They have direct ties to the far right wing Federalist Society, which was instrumental in selecting Trump’s two Supreme Court picks, tipping the balance in that branch of government to extreme conservatism.

Why Does the Mercer Family Foundation Give 10 Percent of Its Assets to The Federalist Society? | Right Wing Watch

Republican’s relentless assault on women’s health is the beginning phase of their ultimate goal to force a court battle to destroy Roe v. Wade and with it all reproductive freedom.

The 2-part plan to outlaw abortion:

  1. enact state bans
  2. install judges who’ll uphold the bans

✅ and ✅

If the trend we see in Alabama, Ohio, and Georgia, continues, this fight will end in the Supreme Court, where the billionaire right-wing boys club, the Federalist Society has stacked the deck. Trump’s two newest SCOTUS picks, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, previous members of the Federalist Society, join Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito. The majority in the SCOTUS branch of government is now controlled by billionaires.

Donald Trump and the Republican majority Senate have confirmed well over 100 federal judges, and Mitch McConnell is working toward installing many more.

Among the ranks of judges in line for confirmation is Wendy Vitter, who says abortion causes breast cancer. She has also worked eradicate Planned Parenthood.

Still not convinced that this is an anti-woman agenda, rather than a pro-life agenda? Consider the actions of a staunch anti-choice crusader back in October of 2017. Pennsylvania Republican Representative, Tim Murphy’s hypocrisy shows us that this fight is not about a fetus, but rather about men controlling women. The 65-year-old, married Congressman Murphy resigned in shame after news broke that he had urged his 32-year-old mistress to abort his child.


There are other battles in this war on woman. Donald Trump and contemptable (of congress), Attorney General Bill Barr refused to defend a ban on female genital mutilation. I had no idea this abuse existed in the United States.

I spent some time writing a post on this subject last week, but I couldn’t finish it. I had to stop because it is too much.

Female genital cutting | Womenshealth.gov

Do you still need more proof that women are the current target of the GOP? The following bills, that are relevant to women’s rights, are among over 100 bills McConnell has blocked from a vote in the Senate since the new year:

  • Violence Against Women Reauthorization
  • Fairness For Breastfeeding Mothers Act
  • Veterans’ Access to Child Care Act
  • Paycheck Fairness Act—

Every Democrat in the house of representatives voted yes for the paycheck fairness measure; all 187 Republicans voted no. Because Democrats have the majority, the bill progressed to the Senate, where McConnell blocked it. This is the new normal.

Mitch McConnell has blocked over 100 bills in just four months

Call Congress, 202-224-3121, every day.

I would urge women in those States where abortion rights are under siege to stock up on Plan-B, the morning after pill. It is available over the counter and online. It has a shelf-life of four years.


What else can we do?

We can vote. Will our votes count?

Whether or not you have been disenfranchised in the past, you must vote. If you don’t vote and fight to see your vote count, we are no longer a Democratic society.

It was recently revealed that hackers breached 3 US antivirus companies, researchers reveal.

Ever wonder why Mitch McConnell is not concerned with his low approval rating and the upcoming election?

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

Hackers breached 3 US antivirus companies, researchers reveal

Another Republican who won an election in 2018 rife with fraud, Ron Desantis, says he can’t disclose which counties in Florida were hacked because ”they made him sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

Is it possible the reason ”they” want to keep it secret is because the counties are Democratic counties that went Republican, surprising everyone, like Miami Dade? Did ”they” not want to shine a spotlight on the illegitimacy of the Desantis’ win against Andrew Gillum?

Florida Governor Says Russian Hackers Breached 2 Counties In 2016

We can not wait until election day to insist on fair elections, specifically: hand-marked paper ballots, machines without internet connectivity, random hand-counted public audits, accountability with video surveillance, and signatures of those who handle votes.

Because states purchase voting machines, those states with elected officials who were fraudulently elected will not willingly work to secure elections. The federal government must take over to ensure our elections are fair.

Make your voice heard and your votes count!

Call Congress, 202-224-3121, rinse repeat.

Trump Payed Off— a poem

Dow Chemicals donated

One million bucks

To Trump- normally

I would give zero ducks

The company, in return,

Has a request:

Ignore the results

Of a pesticide test

This story, like most,

Has another detail

Trump’s friend,

Murdoch, owns Dow—

Our health was a sale.

Dow Chemical Donates $1 Million to Trump, Asks Administration to Ignore Pesticide Study

Traitor Tot Gets a Subpoena

The Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence committee’s issuance of a subpoena to Don Jr, concerning the Russia investigation is significant, but how?

Is it a signal that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings are having an impact on the corruption in the White House after all?

Does it mean the Senate plans to take action against Don Jr for the well-documented perjury, he committed when he testified before the Senate Intel committee in mid-December 2017, concerning the Trump Tower meeting of June 2016? Does it mean he isn’t too stupid to be indicted after all?

Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. over Russia matters

The angry response to the subpoena by the GOP would lead one to think Uday (Jr) should be nervous.

Senator Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intel Committee, has been attacked by most Republicans for taking this action, although a handful of GOP Senators, including Susan Collins and Chuck Grassley, stand in support of Burr’s effort. Hmm, curious.

Trump allies warn: ‘If you touch Don Jr our base will come after you’ | Raw Story

David Jolly, former GOP Florida Congressman, is appalled by the attacks against Burr.

With all due respect to Jolly, Trump’s ”boy” is the same age as the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, who is an adult.


Those speaking out against Burr for this action against Junior include—

Trump ally, California Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who tweeted:

and Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, who has been linked to Russia, who tweeted:

and then there is Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, who said ”the ’good news’ is that Burr has ’already indicated that the committee will find no collusion,’ staying consistent with the findings of the Mueller Report (which, by the way, did not make a determination on collusion as it has no legal definition.)”

Mitch McConnell Reassures Hannity: Don Jr. Subpoena Will ‘Have a Happy Ending’

Which brings me to the point of my post; I’m skeptical. Although the Senate Intel committee has been odd, in that it is a GOP led committee that is considered mostly bipartisan, the GOP Chairman of the said Committee, Bill Burr, who initiated the subpoena, is a man of questionable integrity.

How many times have I been fooled into hoping a hero would emerge from the fog of Trump ranks to save our democracy? I don’t want to discredit myself too much, so I’ll only list two: Bill Barr (I know🙄), and Rod Rosenstein (I know 🙄).

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me three times, or more, and I don’t know what.

That said, I can not trust Senator Burr. His loyalty to Donald Trump goes back to the days of the Access Hollywood tape.

A quick Google search into Senator Burr’s voting history makes me think this subpoena is not what it appears to be.

He’s a typical GOP Senator, voting against: healthcare, climate change, medical marijuana, he has an A+ NRA rating, voted to “overhaul” (cut) Social Security, voted for Betsy Devos, and while he believes climate change is real, he says man does not cause it. As such, he has voted for oil pipelines, against taxing carbon emissions, he opposes efforts by the government to restrict the release of greenhouse gases. Necessarily, he’s only against pollution if he and his friends and lobbyists don’t profit from it.

His name sounds familiar, right? That’s because he is a very cousin to Aaron Burr, the 3rd Vice President of the US, traitor, and murderer of Alexander Hamilton. I’m not suggesting that because he’s related to one of the great villains of American history, he is equally evil, but I’m thinking it.

So what’s my theory today? I believe the GOP wants to subpoena Junior before the entirely redacted version of the Mueller report is released so that when all the facts are known, and the extent of Junior’s crimes have been exposed, the GOP will argue against another subpoena. I think this is theater.

I believe the House, led by Nancy Pelosi, has a plan, and they’re well on their way to accomplishing their goal, to raise public awareness to garner increased public support for impeachment. But the Senate is led by snake Mitch McConnell, who has power over all their committees, so I don’t buy the Junior argument.

I hope I’m wrong.

Barr’s in Contempt of Congress, and Trump’s an Idiot

In today’s news, Donald Trump asserted executive privilege, in a strange attempt to circumvent Contempt of Congress charges against his Attorney General, Bill Barr. The House Judiciary Committee’s hearings and vote are being held today.

That big news seems to have been overshadowed by the New York Times story that discloses a decade of Trump’s taxes from 1985 to 1994. The story chronicles Trump’s business failures and highlights the fact that he lost over $1 billion in that decade.

”The numbers show that in 1985, Mr. Trump reported losses of $46.1 million from his core businesses — largely casinos, hotels and retail space in apartment buildings. They continued to lose money every year, totaling $1.17 billion in losses for the decade.” ~New York Times

The story goes on to say that year after year Trump appears to have lost more money than any other taxpayer in America.

I thought this was understood. We knew Trump filed bankruptcy six times. We knew he had 35,000 lawsuits filed against him by unpaid vendors and workers, for goods and services rendered. We could have guessed most of what’s in this big story.

What is astounding to me is that Trump’s ego prompted him to defend himself in two tweets, now deleted, in which he inadvertently admitted to tax evasion and bank fraud, calling it “sport.”

The man is an idiot who is destined to die in jail.

The report of Trump’s record-breaking lack of business acumen took the spotlight off the drama unfolding in the House Judiciary Committee hearing. Donald Trump, likely on the request of Bill Barr, who faces Contempt of Congress charges, invoked executive privilege.

”In the face of the Committee’s threatened contempt vote the Attorney General will be compelled to request that the President invoke executive privilege concerning the materials subject to the subpoena,” ~DOJ

Last night, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nadler, received a letter from Attorney General William Barr, claiming the entire Mueller report, including that which has been publicly released, is now subject to executive privilege. In theory, this move might make it harder for Congress to get the unredacted Mueller report, with the underlying evidence. It might or might not slow down the process, but it won’t stop it.

More importantly, by claiming executive privilege on the Mueller report, Donald Trump is obstructing justice— again and may have put himself in Contempt of Congress along with Barr.

The House is going forward with hearings to be followed by a vote, and unfortunately for Barr, he will be convicted and face fines and a possible prison sentence (unlikely), of up to five years. Finally some consequences.

The question for those in the Trump camp: why is Trump fighting so hard to hide a report that “fully exonerates” him?

House Judiciary Committee Moves to Hold No-Show William Barr in Contempt

Barr: “It’s Not a Crime” for Trump to Demand Staffers Lie to Investigators

Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses