Consider This

No politics today, and no complaints about my life. My children are healthy; that’s what’s important. Even on my worst day I know that we Americans don't come near the suffering experienced by people in impoverished and war torn nations, not to mention the misery inflicted at our southern borders. Think about them the next … Continue reading Consider This

It’s all Propoganda

”It’s true that the president’s job approval rating has been unusually stable when compared with other presidents.” ~Nate Cohn, NYT God help us. Despite everything, (do I need to make a list?), our Stable POTUS still has an approval rating. Propaganda works, and our current government is a testament to that fact. If you think … Continue reading It’s all Propoganda

McConnell Blocking Bills, and Mass Shootings

The difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party can be summed up with Mitch McConnell’s words which came in response to democratic protesters who chanted "Moscow Mitch." as he spoke during a political picnic in his home state of Kentucky on Saturday: "I'm going to spend as much time talking about [Democrats] as Kentuckians … Continue reading McConnell Blocking Bills, and Mass Shootings

Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Clear your calendars for Wednesday. Tell your Trump-supporting acquaintances, your politically apathetic friends, and the willfully disinterested who don't realize our country is in a sinkhole, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will finally testify. Republican’s in Congress are preparing to use their allotted time to paint Robert Mueller, a Republican war hero, as biased, and … Continue reading Mueller will Testify on Wednesday

Acosta Resigns

No deals for pedophiles Individual 1’s Labor Secretary, pedophile enabler extraordinaire, Alex Acosta, resigned this morning conceding to unrelenting demands by everyone— except the GOP and their pretender president. The timing of this resignation could not be better, as Accosta’s pet project was to reduce funding to fight sex trafficking by 80%, and to limit … Continue reading Acosta Resigns

Alex Acosta Ablaze

While I finished up my post on Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein yesterday, Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta, was giving a press conference. The reason for the meeting, one would imagine, was to fight the fire that was lit by the fearlessness and hard work of Miami Herald Reporter, Julie K Brown. Her flare caught the public … Continue reading Alex Acosta Ablaze