Sanity Break… Let’s Discuss Mr Darcys

Tired of politics? Me too. Join me in my Mr Darcy distraction break. I know I've written and posted something similar in the past, so forgive the repetition. Mr Who? Gurl, please. Watch the YouTube video below for a brief synopsis of "Pride and Prejudice," even if you've memorized the book, like I have, it's … Continue reading Sanity Break… Let’s Discuss Mr Darcys

What the Hell is Going On? 20 Questions for Robert Mueller

Robert, if you’re listening, please call me. I normally don’t pick up, but if you let it ring once then hang up, 3x, I’ll google your phone number. I’m guessing google will tell me it’s you, so when you call the 4th time I’ll pick up. If google doesn’t have your digits, I’ll probably block … Continue reading What the Hell is Going On? 20 Questions for Robert Mueller

And Now Something Non-Policital—Austen and Zombies 

Last night I did something I have been threatening to do for many months...I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. From the moment I had seen the preview nearly a year ago, I had been anticipating it's big screen release which I thought would be...last February.  Consider the fact that I do have a lot … Continue reading And Now Something Non-Policital—Austen and Zombies 

A Day for Introspection

I opened one eye this morning and something was different...the clamp on my head is gone! Could this relentless sinus infection be over? I have energy... I can focus...I can breath through my nose.  This is going to be a great day.  I will: Not think about politics today Take my dogs to the dog … Continue reading A Day for Introspection

What are You Reading?

Between big books like War and Peace or maybe Moby Dick I confess I have a taste for books even Oprah wouldn't pick If someone dares to ask what I'm reading on my kindle Um..."Truth Before Everything" - Wonder why I'm single? I'm stuck on Austen - an ailment no other book can cure  But … Continue reading What are You Reading?

A Peninsula

Much like a hyena who narrows his chase to the weakest antelope in a herd, last night I ensnared my middle child who was slowed considerably by a cast on her foot. Not to worry, I didn't consume her. The injury I inflicted was of a temporary nature. I made her my date for dinner, … Continue reading A Peninsula