Barr’s Gaslit Announcement

Q: When does an Attorney General make excuses for a person under investigation?

A: Today

Barr exonerated Trump of any interference with the investigation, due to Trump’s “frustration” over the investigation:

“There is substantial evidence to show that the President was frustrated and angered by a sincere belief that the investigation was undermining his presidency…”

Barr says Trump felt like the investigation was “interfering ” with his ability to perform his job as president. This is corruption in itself.

(Meanwhile Trump’s staff prepares Airforce One for departure to Mar a Lago, where he will spend more tax dollars golfing through a long weekend. Prior to today the tab for his golf trips totaled $96 million. Is Trump’s excessive “presidential time” interfering with his job as president?)

Barr ended his press conference after a reporter questioned him on his decision to spin his own version of the report. Barr shook his head, not unlike a wet dog shaking off water, and left.

My questions were not asked:

  1. Was Barr chosen as AG primarily because of his letter, in which he stated a sitting president can not be indicted, because of his ties to Russian Oligarchy, or his experience in withholding information in the 1980’s.
  2. Did Mr Mueller abruptly end his investigation, by choice, or was ordered to end it?

Today we were victims of gaslighting, the obfuscation of Mueller’s words prior to their release— Barr attempted to render the meaning of the Mueller report unclear.

Representative Nadler, Last night:

Rep. Nadler: ‘Attorney General Has Taken Unprecedented Steps’ to Spin Mueller Investigation

Barr, this morning:

We should see the heavily redacted, and color coated, report late this morning.

Barr said no one in Trump’s campaign did anything illegal. Okay, Bill.

I look forward to reading the actual report, and to hearing Mr Mueller speak for himself— when he testifies before congress.

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