What Happened to U.S.?

We all need to unplug occasionally. As of late, I can barely process my own family's drama, let alone that of the country in which I live, or the world beyond it. My recent back surgery, as well as another (still unresolved) health issue, forced me to ignore all news, including political events. I regretted … Continue reading What Happened to U.S.?

The Sock Monster, a limerick

For all of my years spent on earth Over 50 for what it’s worth I’ve come to accept The dryer’s bold theft (Paused here just to say Colin Firth) Ahem, not sorry. On laundry day I’m plagued with self doubt Eight socks in, only seven come out Today I was shocked To find every sock … Continue reading The Sock Monster, a limerick

Lowering the Bar— Joke

This week has been a mixed bag. The bag I reached into on Friday, hoping for the best, rendered me a flat tire. Every so often I just have to stare, so I did. Then I looked up to the sky and asked my beloved dead dogs in heaven how they could let this happen … Continue reading Lowering the Bar— Joke

How is Your Pandemic Going?

I hope you are not among those suffering illness, and that you are merely among those in "lockdown” purgatory, like me. I have accomplished much since official isolation began yesterday at 3:00 PM. I have created a body dent on my sofa cushion.I have thought about doing my taxes.I've cleared unnecessary papers off my refrigerator … Continue reading How is Your Pandemic Going?

Dear Colin (Firth)

(I love Colin Firth. Don't, “Yeah, me too,” me, because I love, love him. I love him enough that I forgive him, his long marriage to someone whose name is similar to mine, and who's general appearance mirrors mine, from a great distance, if you squint hard. And once that person, who is not me, … Continue reading Dear Colin (Firth)

Sanity Break… Let’s Discuss Mr Darcys

Tired of politics? Me too. Join me in my Mr Darcy distraction break. I know I've written and posted something similar in the past, so forgive the repetition. Mr Who? Gurl, please. Watch the YouTube video below for a brief synopsis of "Pride and Prejudice," even if you've memorized the book, like I have, it's … Continue reading Sanity Break… Let’s Discuss Mr Darcys