Trump Impeachment, Take II

Can we get it right this time, GOP? The House of Representatives is moving forward with the preliminary steps required to impeach Donald J Trump. They have quite a selection of crimes to choose from, but his orchestration of the attempted coup on January 6th is what will end his presidency. Several sources say Monday is the day. God help us survive until then. You know, some people work on weekends. Trump commits crimes seven days a week; why must Congress wait to impeach him?

Trump’s attorneys are consulting outside lawyers regarding the prospect of “rapid impeachment,” and they don’t believe there is enough time left for their client to be removed from office. Au contraire. Speaker Pelosi has assured the media that impeachment can be done in two days.

Even if the House takes longer than anticipated, if they manage to impeach Trump before the 20th, the Senate can still hold their trial post-inauguration. Democrats will have control of the Senate by then, however, insiders are confident that the Senate already has the 67 votes they need to remove him from office now. Convicting Trump in the Senate would strip him of all privileges afforded to ex-presidents and it would ensure he could never hold public office again.

Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, and other Trump sycophants are urging Democrats not to proceed with the impeachment, claiming it would go against the “unity” Biden is working toward. Give me a break. Precedent is important and justice matters. Listen to Bernie. 👇🏼

Democracy is worth fighting for. Our American experiment might have ended with Trump’s premeditated coup with the help of the very members of Congress who are now calling for unity. Several Senators are attempting damage control. Ted Cruz and Josh Harley likely will not live down their participation.

Speaker Pelosi recognizes the danger Trump poses and is seeking to prevent his access to nuclear launch codes. That is comforting… or it will be if it works.

How did we get here? Speaker Pelosi requested Vice President Mike Pence use Article 25 of the Constitution to remove our lame-POTUS. To remove a sitting President using Article 25, the Vice President and a “majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide,” to declare the president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” It can not be done without Pence, who will not honor Pelosi’s request. He is putting his political aspirations ahead of national security. He plans to run for President in four years and wants to retain Trump’s base of supporters.

Also, members of Trump’s cabinet, who would be called upon to vote to remove him if Pence had complied, are resigning in droves. These people were appointed by Trump and their resignation, two weeks before the end of their tenure, can only be to avoid a vote.

Who has resigned so far?

  • Pat Cipollone, White House Counsel
  • Matt Pottinger, deputy national security adviser
  • Stephanie Grisham, chief of staff to first lady Melania Trump
  • Sarah Matthews, deputy press secretary
  • Rickie Niceta, White House social secretary
  • Mick Mulvaney, special envoy to Northern Ireland and former White House chief of staff
  • Ryan Tully, senior director for European and Russian affairs at the National Security Council
  • John Costello, deputy assistant secretary of commerce
  • Elaine Chao, Transportation secretary, and wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  • Tyler Goodspeed- acting chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers at the White House
  • Betsy DeVos, Education secretary (sister of Blackwater’s Eric Prince)

Speaking of Eric Prince, The Washington Post is reporting that during Wednesday’s attack on the Capital, among Trump’s angry mob of supporters, and the group of Proud Boys, was a group that appeared to have tactical training. They flashed their IDs to get past barricades according to officers who were on duty. They included off-duty police officers from various states and military personnel.

Many of the people in military gear came armed with among other things zip-tie handcuffs. They intended to take hostages. They made their way into Pelosi’s office and searched for Mike Pence and Chuck Schumer.

Trump fired higher-ups at Pentagon a few weeks ago, which alarmed many at the time. It appears he was planning this coup at least as far back as December 19. This explains how he managed to delay the deployment of the National Guard for 90 minutes.

The chief of the Capital police has resigned. Word is that he declined an offer for backup. One of his Capital Police Officers who had been pulled into a mob and beaten on the head with a fire extinguisher died today. The FBI is investigating Trump’s involvement in that matter as well.

Capitol Police rejected offers of federal help to quell mob (from @AP)

Eighty-two people have now been arrested in connection with the pro-Trump riot on Wednesday.

Authorities from local and federal law enforcement agencies are continuing their efforts to identify suspects seen inside the walls of the Capital. Photos and videos posted all over social media have outed dozens, and we can expect the immediate result to be employment opportunities in many fields, to replace these people who are losing their jobs.

This man who rifled through Speaker Pelosi’s desk, as he photographed documents and pilfered her mail, has been arrested.

The New York Times has reported that Russian operatives were among the rioters, they knew the locations of Speaker Pelosi´s office and those of others. The U.S. Justice Department says “there are national security equities” in the theft of records from US Capitol yesterday..”

We all know Trump is a traitor. He isn’t smart enough to have pulled off Wednesday’s attack alone. While his supporters were distracting us by desecrating the Capital, laptops were stolen, networks infected with USB drives, etc. Putin’s puppet has delivered again.

One final note. You have probably heard by now that a woman died after a guard shot her as she tried to breach an inner room in the Capital. Little has been said about the remaining three civilians who died. One fell to his death from a scaffold. The remaining two were deemed medical emergencies.

Of the two medical emergencies, one was a woman who had been trampled. The other death was suffered by Kevin Greeson, pictured here with the weapons he packed for his DC vacation. Sadly, while attempting to pull a painting of Tip O’Neal off a wall, a taser Greeson had hidden in his pants pocket discharged several times, tasing his… hanging organs. Greeson suffered a massive heart attack and did not survive.

That’s just nuts.

14 thoughts on “Trump Impeachment, Take II

  1. And Twitter just permanently banned Trump. If he wasn’t fit now, imagine him next week with nothing to do but watch the news on TV about his impeachment, while stuffing Mickey D’s down his throat?

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  2. I think Pence’s refusal to invoke the 25th comes either from fear or the inability to get the cabinet on board. There’s no way he’s banking on the mob who was probably going to hang him if they found him.

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