The Good the Bad and the Ugly Coronavirus Aid Package

Moscow Mitch McConnell tearfully proclaimed- "This isn't a stimulus package, it's a relief package.” After eleven years as a goalie for the GOP, McConnell is going to allow one bill to slide into the net. You know that country just north of Trumperica, the with universal healthcare and a smart and heartthrob for a leader? … Continue reading The Good the Bad and the Ugly Coronavirus Aid Package

Voting is a Privilege

Yesterday was primary day in three states: Arizona, Florida, and Illinois. Ohio postponed their election, rescheduling it for June 2. Four more states have rescheduled: Georgia moved their March 20 primary to May 19 Maryland has moved their’s from April 28 to June 2 Louisiana was to vote in April 4, now June 20 Kentucky … Continue reading Voting is a Privilege

Six Primaries Underway

Six states hold their Democratic primary elections today: Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington. Polls give former Vice President Joe Biden double-digit leads in five of them, against his only real opponent left standing, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is ahead in recent Washington State polls. This primary has become as predictable as New England … Continue reading Six Primaries Underway

Early Votes Null

Early voters are typically more engaged in the political process than those who may or may not show up on Election Day. They have given their vote enough consideration to plan ahead by not risking long lines, broken machines, the confusion of location changes, purged registration, or the typical crush of Election Day. That makes … Continue reading Early Votes Null

Time to Consolidate the Candidates

Unlike Andrew Yang, I’m not mathy. That said, I see the logic in his words that more candidates need to "pull a Yang," and drop out of the Democratic presidential primaries. Yang, Harris, Swalwell, Castro, and Booker, are the most notable early exits, and their decisions were based on a shortage of campaign funds and … Continue reading Time to Consolidate the Candidates

Who is Still Running for the Democratic Nomination?

Even a flawed human being, like me, might be disappointed to settle for an imperfect candidate to represent our political party. While no one is perfect, no one is more flawed than what we have in the White House now. I’ve said this before; I'd like to build my own candidate, taking qualities from each, … Continue reading Who is Still Running for the Democratic Nomination?