Erik Prince Extradited

Do you recall who Erik Prince is? No.How about Betsy DeVos, do you remember her? No.Okay, never mind. If you answered yes to either of those questions or would like a quick reminder, this short post may be of interest. Billionaire Eric Prince, the former Navy SEAL, who founded Blackwater, a mercenary army of sorts, … Continue reading Erik Prince Extradited

Trump Impeachment, Take II

Can we get it right this time, GOP? The House of Representatives is moving forward with the preliminary steps required to impeach Donald J Trump. They have quite a selection of crimes to choose from, but his orchestration of the attempted coup on January 6th is what will end his presidency. Several sources say Monday … Continue reading Trump Impeachment, Take II

Grumpy Grampa’s Revenge: Pardons and More

As per his plan to burn down the country on his way out of office, the toddler-in-chief has issued pardons to more of his undeserving felonious friends. He has pardoned the four Blackwater contractors who were convicted after killing 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007, in what has been dubbed the Nisour Square Massacre. Blackwater is … Continue reading Grumpy Grampa’s Revenge: Pardons and More

Mueller Found Proof of a Conspiracy

The majority of Americans did not read the 448 page Mueller report. Bill Barr successfully distracted that majority with his four-page synopsis, which, according to Mueller, "did not reflect the views of the department.” Now you can not read more and regularly— 500 pages, every month for the next eight years, yes eight years. You … Continue reading Mueller Found Proof of a Conspiracy

Eric Prince’s Perjurious Slip of the Tongue…

This interview with Eric Prince is worth a listen. Who is he? He’s a former Navy Seal (impressive), he's also former CEO of a government services and security company called Blackwater USA, which essentially pays civilians to act as security in locations around the world where American troops have been withdrawn. It is privatized military … Continue reading Eric Prince’s Perjurious Slip of the Tongue…