Consequences First, Then Unity

Overlook flex cuffs, bombs, and gallows

The cornered leaders plea

It’s time for unity and healing

There’s nothing here to see

A map of tunnels in the basement,

Directions from the vice,

Meanwhile, the mob is plotting

To return “next time not so nice”

Erik Prince’s blackwater army

Push past the maga pawn

Their mission: to find their targets,

Try, then hang them on the lawn

“Trial by combat,” yelled Rudi

“We’re coming for you…” Junior said

The frenzied mob marched to the capital;

Now six people dead

Twenty years have passed since 9/11:

“We’ll never forget.”

A coup attempt: in three days they say:

“It’s time to move ahead.”

2 thoughts on “Consequences First, Then Unity

  1. I can’t “like” this, but good job pulling together why accountability has to come. There are NOT two sides to this. There are not “good people on both sides”. ONE thing was done with ONE goal. The mob of insurrectionists are ALL bad people, evil even. They are NOT patriots: they do not want to live in the democratic republic defined by the constitution. They want to put in place an autocracy. They are NOT conservatives: conservatives have respect for institutions and the rule of law. They sure as H.E. double toothpicks are not “right”, they are the far wrong.

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