Joe Biden Will Be President on January 20

Yesterday we went from feelings of euphoria after hearing confirmation of the unlikely double win in the Senate that gives Democrats control of Congress, to a feeling of satisfaction after hearing that Joe Biden nominated Merrick Garland to be the next Attorney General of the United States. That is quite a trade up from Bill Barr. You will remember Garland was President Obama’s choice to fill a vacancy in the Supreme Court in 2016, but the nomination was blocked by Moscow Mitch who made up new rules and later helped Trump fill the position with an accused sexual predator, beer liking frat boy and friend of “Squi,” Brett Kavanaugh.

The day soured quickly as we watched what we expected to happen, squared, violence by a known domestic threat escalated into a terrorist attack on Capitol Hill.

Trump’s hour-long rally yesterday morning was an unveiled call to violence. We heard him tell his audience to walk across the street to the Capital. We read his tweets encouraging his supporters to fight for him.

Then we watched the mob freely enter a secure area, rifle through the personal belongings of our elected officials, vandalize property, and one happy idiot even walked away with Speaker Pelosi’s lecturn.

Videos are circulating that appear to show police moving barricades to allow Trump supporters in. Another video shows police running upstairs with a group of anarchists following. The press interpreted that video of the group running up the stairs behind police differently. They said police were running up to protect the doors. If that’s the case they don’t look like they’ve been trained for their job. Were the police unprepared, or were they assisting?

This is a screenshot from a video that shows a police officer taking a selfie with a terrorist inside the Capital.

Trump withheld the national guard for 90 minutes. It took two and a half hours for the SWAT team to arrive. Uber eats delivers faster than that.

Trump was asked to go on camera and tell his people to go home. He went on camera as requested, but he repeated his lie- claiming he won in a “landslide,” then he gave a half-hearted request for peace and repeated the lie.

Where was the security that covers peaceful protests?

☝️🏼That was the guard appointed to protect the Capital during a Black Lives Matter protest. They must have run out of rubber bullets in August.

A widely known domestic threat freely entered one of the most sensitive of government facilities. NBC news is reporting that 68 arrests were made, four people died and at least 57 officers sustained injuries. Two of the injured officers were hospitalized, one after having been pulled into the crowd and assaulted. Two pipe bombs, as well as a cooler containing Molotov cocktails, were discovered and dismantled.

I don’t believe this was poor planning. This coup attempt was publically planned and carried out by Trump’s accomplices.

There is a video of the woman pictured above showing her, seconds later, falling back onto the ground after the sound of a gunshot. Why did that she get that far?

Why were these insurrectionists allowed to walk those hallowed halls, destroy property and walk back out waving at their friends shouting “next time we won’t be so nice?”

Most law enforcement officers did their jobs, but others appeared to be a part of the attack. They allowed intruders to enter without a struggle. Trump’s attempt to overthrow the government was assisted by a handful of capital police standing guard. Were these Eric Prince’s guards?

The angry mob didn’t seem bright enough to recognize the fact that they were being played.

Will the FBI find these people and charge them?

We have thirteen days to survive unless Congress removes Trump first. Although he was suspended from social media, temporarily, he still has the nuclear codes. HE HAS THE CODES!

Several reports have surfaced that White House officials are currently in discussions to invoke the 25th Amendment. The amendment puts the decision of stripping Trump’s power in the hands of the Vice President who was chosen for that office by pardoned felon Paul Manafort. The problem with this option is that a majority of Trump’s appointed cabinet, his fickle VP, and 2/3rds of Congress have to agree. That’s not likely to happen under any circumstances.

The other option is impeachment. It can happen immediately. It only takes a majority vote by the House, followed by a majority vote in the Senate. There may be enough redirected cowards on the Republican side to remove him. This all could have been avoided had the GOP acted a year ago when Trump was impeached the first time.
Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff warned Senators last year.

Last night the certification of President-elect Joe Biden was finalized despite the thuggery. Most Senators withdrew their objections in the aftermath of the violence, but Cruz, Hawley, Hyde-Smith, Kennedy, Marshall, and Tuberville stood their ground. They should be tried for sedition.

I would like to say that I’m confident something will be done today. I’d like to, but my confidence in our government has worn thin. The fact that circumstances escalated to this level and Congress still has taken no action is a sign that we need to restructure our entire political system.

Soon to be Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, lost his sneer yesterday and gave a bipartisan speech that conflicted with his obstructive behavior over the last 12 years. He is reportedly disappointed that he won’t be able to work with Joe Biden, (tiny violin,) who despite being part of the democratic party, is old, white, and male enough to be treated with respect by Moscow Mitch.

Lindsey Graham too was singing a different tune when Congress reconvened. He seemed to have been hitting the happy sauce by the time he spoke, sounding a bit more like the politician he was pre-Trump in what can only be seen as an attempt at self-preservation. These Republicans have shown us who they are often enough, and for long enough, that it is impossible to believe they are suddenly acting out of a love for the constitution and democracy. They are afraid of a public backlash if they continue to support an attempted coup.

Bonus news: Trump awarded House members Devin Nunes and Gym Jordan medals of freedom this week, rendering the medal worthless junk for everyone else.

I want to share what I read yesterday regarding the losers in Georgia’s Senate race. Both Republican candidates deleted ads after it was discovered that Loeffler darkened Reverend Warnock’s skin and Perdue manipulated a photo to enlarge Ossoff’s nose. That’s who we have in the Republican Party. Good riddance to two of them, but we have many more to eradicate.

What next?

6 thoughts on “Joe Biden Will Be President on January 20

  1. Even though Moscow Mitch is singing a slightly less belligerent tune right now I think his speach contained a lot of the Republican mythological ideas: that Gore and Clinton didn’t concede for example. I feel like that should be getting more attention than his “change of heart”, because that is the rhetoric than enables the BS to continue and encouraged it to start in the first place.

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    1. The GOP loves to rewrite history. I know now that all those ‘change of heart’ speeches were theatrics. I wish I could figure out how to attach a photo to a comment- The Washington Post reported that “Trump was greeted with cheers today when he called into the Republican National Committee today.” I’m just really tired of this.

      The only way to get rid of him early is to impeach and remove him, and enough Republicans might still care about optics enough to vote to remove him this time.
      The other option is that they can indict him. The “can’t indict a sitting president” policy is not a law. I believe the policy was created by Bill Barr who has stepped down.
      The 25th amendment will never get passed by Mnuchin, Pompeo, and the rest.
      Trump is a national security risk and he is more dangerous every day.
      Everything that happened yesterday was planned long ago but still the feds and local police act surprised. We all saw this coming. Trump fired the people at the Pentagon a couple of weeks ago to remove obstacles.
      I can’t believe the lies they’re still pushing.
      When Matt Gaetz had his turn to speak last night he used it to spread more Trump lies and he also said that many of the people who stormed the Capital were left wing extremists and Antifa.
      Merrick Garland is going to be busy.

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      1. I agree. He could be impeached and removed in a day or two. He has committed several crimes on public TV so we are all witnesses. No prolonged trial is needed. The problem with the 25th is that it is temporary and he can be reinstated. I am pretty sure that his almost concession was to prevent people from using the 25th on him. He has still to finish his pardoning spree. There is a decent chance that is why the cabinet would never invoke the 25th because they hope for pardons, including Pence.
        People like Mr Cruz and Mr. Gaetz should also be impeached and removed from office.

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