Who Called Flynn?

Today I want you to give you good news because there was good news this week We have received a sign that Special Counsel Mueller is not unaware Fred Flintstone has rolled over his work, and he’s not going to allow said Attorney General to continue to protect the obstructor in chief, by sitting on … Continue reading Who Called Flynn?

Stick a Fork in Trump… He’s Done

And he knows it: The threats have commenced. I must admit, as an overachiever, I went to bed disappointed last night. Sure we libtards took back the house, but Senate control was retained by Vladamir Putin’s Party... and we lost Beto and Gillum and... 💤 😴 This morning I decided to look at the bright … Continue reading Stick a Fork in Trump… He’s Done

Pathetic Poetic Particularization

Georgia: shameless systemic suppression  North Carolina: sins similarly seen Texas: Cruz defrauds devoid of discretion Cheesehead complaints: contaminated touch screens ~ Disenfranchisement dispatched, done unquestioned GOP’s foregone fleecing, it was foreseen Absentee, early voting, registration Mailed letters long “lost” by blatant libertines ~ https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2018/10/29/voter-suppression-tactics-in-the-age-of-trump/amp ~ Missing migrant minors milled in procession  Tucked in tents at … Continue reading Pathetic Poetic Particularization

Political Ads Lie

I bow to Rachael Maddow today, and I am running with her information. I don’t have MSNBC, so I can only watch clips of her show on twitter. I hope they pay her well. In the following clip, for those of you who are unable to view it, Maddow shows political ads by Republican politicians … Continue reading Political Ads Lie

Ted Cruz… a poem

Ted Cruz tells Texas: fear Beto O’Rourke He wants to take your guns, then your salt pork! Be concerned, he’ll make us California! Dye your hair, then remember... I warned ya Of silicon... but I mean silicone We're the lone star state, just leave us alone Don’t let smooth talker’s common sense dethrone Me! We’re … Continue reading Ted Cruz… a poem