Week Two, Lineup for Public Impeachment Proceedings

The week of November 18, 2019, will prove to be another good week for truth and justice, and another bad week for Dotard tRump, who thinks he can distract us from the proceedings with a newly released doctor's note regarding his health. We already know he's tall and thin, so no need to read that. … Continue reading Week Two, Lineup for Public Impeachment Proceedings

Too Much News

There is an insane turnover rate of news stories connected to the demise of the criminal enterprise our government has become. Considering the Adderol abuser featured in these stories, it's no wonder. The first week of impeachment testimony did not disappoint. Not only were the witnesses compelling, but they were also credible. The GOP acted … Continue reading Too Much News

Impeachment Day One, What Did I Miss?

How rude. After anticipating Don the Con’s impeachment for months, 36 months to be exact, Congress began televised hearings on a day when I could not watch. My lunch break yesterday was an eye-opener. I made my way to a lounge where the tv that usually plays a horrible soap opera played impeachment hearings. I … Continue reading Impeachment Day One, What Did I Miss?

Poor Impeachable Conald

Poor Conald. No one cares to watch his meeting with Turkish President Erdogan today. Despite all his attempts to change the narrative, all the major networks, NBC, CBS, ABC & PBS will stop normal programming to show the impeachment hearings. Who plans on calling in sick to watch the impeachment? It’s tempting after waiting all … Continue reading Poor Impeachable Conald

It’s Time Impeachment Goes Public

The GOP has fought relentlessly to stop an inevitable conclusion to what will prove to be the most corrupt presidency in US history. They’ve used various arguments against impeachment, citing the Democratic majority's failure to hold a vote on whether or not an inquiry should even take place. Although a vote for that early phase … Continue reading It’s Time Impeachment Goes Public

More Impeachment Hearing No-Shows

I want to open this post with a reminder to readers; these are my opinions, but they are based on facts, the sources of which are sited at the end of each post. Any comments to my posts that resort to personal attacks or name-calling will be filed as spam. I would also add, name-calling … Continue reading More Impeachment Hearing No-Shows