Satellite Hits Target!

Listen, I’m a little upset, but, I learned many moons ago, to “🎶 always look on the bright side of life.” I try, I do. The bright side is that very few people read my last post. Here’s what you missed: after a list of depressing news reports, of which I did not expound, … Continue reading Satellite Hits Target!

Trump’s Delay Tactic Fails

Trump’s latest attempt to delay his inevitable arrest, for violation of the espionage act, was to demand the appointment of a Special Master to review the Top-Secret documents seized by the FBI during their search of Mar-a-Lago. Judge Cannon, a judge Trump appointed during his lame duck period, who had been deemed “unqualified” agreed with … Continue reading Trump’s Delay Tactic Fails

This Week’s News… Limericks

News reports of some documents seizedInclude Foreign capabilitiesNuclear secretsSold yet to zealots?Compromised worldwide security ~~ There are nine countries on the listWith nuclear arms such as this:France, Russia, China,Israel, India,N Korea, Pakistan, UK, US Material on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities seized at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago - The Washington Post ~•~ ~~ Jake Tapper’s idea of newsIs … Continue reading This Week’s News… Limericks

Don’t Do This

A few posts ago, I mentioned a book I’m reading,“The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” by John Koenig. I said I’d share my thoughts on it another day, and I’m keeping my promise. It is a volume of words created by the writer, but it’s more. He describes emotions we have that we may not even … Continue reading Don’t Do This

To This, I Take Offense

A… mature woman visits a highly recommended neurosurgeon, complaining of back pain. The surgeon tells her, “It's old age.” She, (the… mature woman,) responds to the specialist, “Well, I want a second opinion.” To which the physician replies, “Fine, you're ugly too.” *Any references in the above story, to historical situations, actual people, living, dead, … Continue reading To This, I Take Offense