Clarity and Balance

Unforeseen changes and life events have a way of regurgitating unwelcome feelings like nostalgia. That is what led me to revisit and clean up some of my older (embarrassing) writings. Taking a short sanity break (my sanity is petite,) from the news has given me some clarity and reminded me of my purpose in starting … Continue reading Clarity and Balance

It Gaetz Worse

Hey Florida, you know that Congressman who is under FBI investigation for having sex with a 17-year-old girl, and for allegedly transporting her across state lines for sex, also known as sex-trafficking a minor? Well, some members of Congress have come forward, to report that Matt Gaetz showed them videos and photos of nude women, … Continue reading It Gaetz Worse

Florida, Florida, Florida (sigh…

Miami has declared a state of emergency because the mob of spring breakers has reached epic proportions. NBC News is reporting that the crowds are like those at a rock concert, and the streets are so crowded you can’t see the ground. An 8 pm curfew has been issued. Pardon the language, I stole the … Continue reading Florida, Florida, Florida (sigh…

Biden, Day Fifty-Nine

President Joe Biden’s goal when he took office was to have 100,000,000 vaccinations administered in his first 100 days in office. Today is day 59 and the vaccine count is at 122,000,000— so he lied. (That was a joke.) I don’t think I’m alone in applauding his efforts to date. Among the 122 million … Continue reading Biden, Day Fifty-Nine

Welcome Attorney General Merrick Garland

Today was Merrick Garland’s first day. During his confirmation hearings, he clarified that his priority will be to address the Capitol riot on January 6. Insurrectionists are about to go through some things. What happened on January 6, at the Capitol Building was an organized attempted coup, one in which congressional insiders were involved. reading Welcome Attorney General Merrick Garland

Stay Right Where You Are, Guvnah

It is disappointing that New York Guvnah Cuomo may be guilty of creepy behavior. It is scandalous to imagine a single man asking someone if he can kiss them at a wedding reception. There should be an investigation, using lots of taxpayer funds to determine the veracity of the allegations. My only wish is that … Continue reading Stay Right Where You Are, Guvnah