Adam Schiff on Treason— “It’s Not Okay”

A limerick:


To congressional traitors dismay

Chairman Schiff had a few things to say

Listing transgressions

Like Trump’s obstruction

Treason, perjury: “it’s not okay.”


Watch Schiff’s epic 5 minute speech.

Schiff Responds After House Intel Republicans Call for His Resignation

It’s time we demand Devin (I have a memo) Nunes’ resignation.

8 thoughts on “Adam Schiff on Treason— “It’s Not Okay”

  1. Schiff was on fire today. He has every reason to be angry and I’m glad he showed it in the hearing today. Nunes is in such a red district it’ll be hard to get rid of him. That’s why I keep hoping Trump offers him a job in the administration. Then he’ll be out of Congress and tarnished forever.

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      1. As the Twitter saying goes, “Everything Trump Touches Dies.” How many people’s careers and lives have gone haywire due to Trump? Nunes won’t escape from that.

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      2. Everyone thinks they’ll be the one who can make it. They should all have listened to Michael Cohen’s warning…

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