Gagging the House

Georgia, Georiga, no peace I find... ray charles georgia on my mind - Google Search Georgia has given us so much to discuss of late. Brian Kemp, the Secretary of State who ran the gubernatorial race in which he was a candidate, winning against the favored candidate, Stacy Abrams, by unscrupulous means, (disenfranchising voters was … Continue reading Gagging the House

The Slow Death of Womens Rights

Alabama, Georgia, Ohio The Alabama Human Life Protection Act is an attack on women's health and freedom. This is one phase of a plan by the Federalist society to overturn reproductive rights nationally. Alabama: Alabama passed a ban on abortion, without exception for rape or incest; the measure is the most extreme anti-abortion law in … Continue reading The Slow Death of Womens Rights

No Tax For You… a poem

April 15, It’s tax day Poor and middle class Will pay ~ ~ Amazon, Chevron, Eli Lily Halliburton, Duke Energy General Motors, IBM Honeywell, Occidental Petroleum ~ for 10 million Trump tax ‘cut’ actually increased taxes American families, report finds – ThinkProgress ~ Netflix, Deere, Devon Energy CMS, Aramark... Who else? let’s see Kinder Morgan— … Continue reading No Tax For You… a poem

Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick

Sen. Rand Paul has voted nyet again To congress seeing the report... when 84 percent Of those surveyed sent Word: release all Mueller wrote, it's plain ~ The irony here is, those who decide Whether or not Bill Barr should confide Are implicated So confiscate it We have laws by which they must abide ~ … Continue reading Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick

Biden Under Attack

The irony of the mode of attack against one of the democrats who is currently considered a threat to win the 2020 presidency, should he decide to run, is astounding.… Joe Biden is a fighter on behalf of women. He created the violence against women’s act, He started the “It's On Us” campaign to … Continue reading Biden Under Attack

Adam Schiff on Treason— “It’s Not Okay”

A limerick: ~ To congressional traitors dismay Chairman Schiff had a few things to say Listing transgressions Like Trump's obstruction Treason, perjury: "it's not okay." 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 Watch Schiff's epic 5 minute speech. Schiff Responds After House Intel Republicans Call for His Resignation It's time we demand Devin (I have a memo) Nunes' resignation.