Lie 9015… a poem

Unanimous media reporting this week has been

Infuriatingly based on a big lie where in

Mueller Exonerated Trump” It is just not true

NO ONE HAS READ MUELLER’S REPORT, not me and not you

This is Donald Trump, have they no long term memory?

The press has taken as fact the White House summary

Since that gloomy day he took the office he’s been caught

In 9,014 verified lies… that’s a lot

As we hoped would happen the truth has started to leak

If what’s implied is fact, the future isn’t so bleak

Special counsel Mueller’s grand jury never shut down

Investigating leads on traitor, Potus the Clown

The probe is “continuing robustly”… who said that?

A federal prosecutor, no snowflake Democrat

Mueller’s report not complete? This news is unforeseen

The probe finished? This has been lie 9015.

Mueller grand jury ‘continuing robustly,’ prosecutor says

Grand jury investigation started by Mueller ‘continuing robustly,’ prosecutor says

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