Fer Me Wee’est Spawn’s High School Gradeation Dey

T’ be youngest yer blessed and yer cursed Tho loose lips claim bein’ middle’s worst Yer ma’s big regret: Years swabbin’ the deck Fer time’s cruel, and can ne'er be reversed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Give no quarter to tricks nature plays Ye’ll be me laddie all o’ yer days Wi’ yer sea legs on Heave ho, chase … Continue reading Fer Me Wee’est Spawn’s High School Gradeation Dey

A Pirate Limerick Fer Yer Mums Day

*Repostin from Mum’s Days of yore— fer tis a mumosa hoistin day fer sum, argh. Deep in me core aye heart me spawn three, Me three spawn, they say, also heart me. Once joined at the hip, Till through they did slip, Since then aye’ve naer longed to be free. *more mother’s day👇🏼 https://alotfromlydia.wordpress.com/2016/05/07/what-did-you-weigh/

McGahn… a limerick

Lindsey Graham doesn’t have a care About what Trump said to whom or where Trump ordered McGahn Fire Mueller, the plan: Take the blame... does that seem fair? Because McGahn never complied “It doesn’t matter what Trump tried” It is still obstruction Graham’s deduction Fabricated, I’ll say it, he lied Graham: 'I don't care' what … Continue reading McGahn… a limerick

Rosenstein… a limerick

Nadler says Justice Department seems 'very afraid' of staff attorneys questioning Barr Were Rosenstein to testify Trump would warn him not to comply Department of Justice Is "afraid" of congress White House power has been misapplied *BREAKING* Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Submits Resignation Letter Are these two stories connected? Timing somewhat unexpected Now freed … Continue reading Rosenstein… a limerick

Barr is Still Protecting Trump

(👇🏼a limerick, followed by a summary, followed by links to reports.) Bill Barr works for Trump, he’s gone unchecked Re-writing Mueller’s report, to protect A futile attempt No one is exempt Mueller will have his day, I suspect ~ I'll attempt to summarize leaks made to The NY Times, by anonymous sources, in my own … Continue reading Barr is Still Protecting Trump

Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick

Sen. Rand Paul has voted nyet again To congress seeing the report... when 84 percent Of those surveyed sent Word: release all Mueller wrote, it's plain ~ The irony here is, those who decide Whether or not Bill Barr should confide Are implicated So confiscate it We have laws by which they must abide ~ … Continue reading Rand Paul Has Voted Nyet Again… a limerick