Representative Clyde… a Limerick

Clyde today wearing an AR-15 pin Heedless of care for kids who’ve diedRepresentative Andrew ClydeWears a gun on his tieHis profits are whyHe won’t set his business aside Clyde (left) at the Capitol Building on 1/6 This member of congress is a gun store owner. He is a coward with a conflict of interests. “Republican … Continue reading Representative Clyde… a Limerick

Mitch McConnell Has a Concussion… a limerick

(Not McConnell)Looney Tunes Cecil Turtle U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell Spends his second day in hospital,Suspicious? Foul-play?Slammed McCarthy, TuesdayNext day, Turtle down, injured cranial

Elon Musk, Record Breaking Loser… a limerick

Tesla, SpaceX, and now Twitter,Three companies in the shitterThere’s one common threadThe money they’ve bledRecord losses made Elon bitter •~• Guinness record breaking is quite a featMusk’s burden has begun to deplete$200 billionLost by the villainHe’s still rich: downfall incomplete "I've LOST more money than you'll EVER HAVE!" ~ Elon Musk He said that in … Continue reading Elon Musk, Record Breaking Loser… a limerick

Flown Back to Roost, a limerick

Though hatched, grown, and given the bootThree birds have returned to the roost Like chicks newly hatchedStarved, equally matchedRegurgitated worm, the desired loot~•~ Happy to see them in the same roomContentment, laughter, then kaboomBehavior quite fowlHigh pitched squawks, low growlsThese “adults” came out of my womb!~•~ “Mom! Mom! Mom!” Voiced from… everywhere“She said…” “He won’t…” … Continue reading Flown Back to Roost, a limerick

The Count Down to Christmas Has begun

My mother, 88-year-old, self-appointed personal meteorologist, has (between weather updates,) taken to counting down the days until Christmas…because I need more stress. Why is the impending holiday a source of anxiety for me? I’ve been volunteered to host the family gathering, by my daughter, the one with chronic debilitating migraines and OCD. I love her … Continue reading The Count Down to Christmas Has begun

Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

Moscow Mitch promised he would retireIf his party’s majority miredIt was, as you see,Goodbye GOPNow to snuff out his burning hellfire•~•The Senate is now lost for the rightAnd the House still in Democrats sightIf both are turned blueThink of all we can doPower to the people—now indict•~•Those who attempted to overthrow The government, many we … Continue reading Bye, Mitch—A Limerick