A Poem for POTUS Four/Five— the Hurricane Lout

Drone Dirges Tale telling, towel tossing, Tyrant While wildly wailing warns of weather woes. Hear that howling? History’s hugest hurricane: wet water, whirling, windy wind whisked A pleasant portrait of Dorian dousing— distinctly the downtrodden, plenty ping-ponging past Puerto Rico. Foolish foreigners fearfully forsake fleeing Beggin’ back brown babies bein’ bandied about Far-flung forces face … Continue reading A Poem for POTUS Four/Five— the Hurricane Lout

Scrotus 45- The Upside— a poem

The brevity seen in my posts these days Has nothing to do with ”the soul of wit,” But rather shows my soul’s whittled away, By news related to POTUS dipshit ~ Such as, claims that results of a new quiz: Show support “dropped to forty one percent— Among women!” How are these numbers his? Here, … Continue reading Scrotus 45- The Upside— a poem

Kris by Any Other Name— a limerick

I’d like to acknowledge Kris Kobach For misspelling his FIRST name— as such His incompetence Filing documents Has helped my confidence very much ~ Ego is driven, I am now compelled Blame the Greeks, for my last name is spelled With 14 letters Times misspelled— never GOP norms, Kobach has upheld ~ Irony makes his … Continue reading Kris by Any Other Name— a limerick

”I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” ~a poem

”I don't do cover-ups;” or any collusion. ”I don't do cover-ups;” obstruction’s a delusion. ”I don't do cover-ups;” porn stars the exception. ”I don't do cover-ups;” redactions/deception. ”I don't do cover-ups;” Barr sits on evidence, ” I don't do cover-ups;” that's my only defense. ”I don't do cover-ups;” I take translator’s notes, ” I don't … Continue reading ”I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” ~a poem

Representative Mo Brooks– a poem

Alabama congressman: "People who lead good lives" don't have preexisting conditions Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks Judges not by deeds, the sick are crooks ”People who lead good lives” no one bad Suffer pre-existing (what they’ve had) ~ From injuries to cancer, his view, End affordable healthcare for you Judgemental, entitled, in power More morality by … Continue reading Representative Mo Brooks– a poem