A Limerick for Stewart Rhodes

For “seditious conspiracy”Oath Keepers’ founder, with clarityStill blames AntifaJudge Amit Mehta…“EIGHTEEN YEARS” for our security My Dearest Stewart, I hope my note finds you well. Everyone with common sense wanted me to tell you that Antifa is a fabricated hate group. It’s not real, pumpkin.Best,Never Yours https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/level-terrorism-enhancement-oath-keepers-leader-stewart-rhodes/story?id=99598181

Ron DeSantis, Dead Of Night… a poem

On April 14thIn the dead of nightWhile most of us sleptReproductive rightsGovernor DeSantisSlithered from his cryptA near-total banWouldn’t alter his scriptNext day, LibertyUniversityNo mention was madeSilence, artfullySix-weeks gestationBarely time to noteSkipping menstruationYoung women do voteHe spoke to the youngNow of voting ageKept them in the darkControlling their rageRestrict the womenAnd limit their knowledgeLie by omissionWhen … Continue reading Ron DeSantis, Dead Of Night… a poem

Representative Clyde… a Limerick

Clyde today wearing an AR-15 pin Heedless of care for kids who’ve diedRepresentative Andrew ClydeWears a gun on his tieHis profits are whyHe won’t set his business aside Clyde (left) at the Capitol Building on 1/6 This member of congress is a gun store owner. He is a coward with a conflict of interests. “Republican … Continue reading Representative Clyde… a Limerick

Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

Moscow Mitch promised he would retireIf his party’s majority miredIt was, as you see,Goodbye GOPNow to snuff out his burning hellfire•~•The Senate is now lost for the rightAnd the House still in Democrats sightIf both are turned blueThink of all we can doPower to the people—now indict•~•Those who attempted to overthrow The government, many we … Continue reading Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

Celestial Bodies Queue

Tuesday all style queuesBlood Moon Eclipse will form whenEarth, sun, moon, alignHuman bodies too forge linesKeep democracy — vote blue Tomorrow is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. What time is the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse on Nov. 8? According to the Ministry of Earth Science, the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse begins on November 8, … Continue reading Celestial Bodies Queue

Birthday Limerick for a Fascist War-Criminal

https://twitter.com/bnonews/status/1578632518307545089?s=46&t=WXAxspBtEzT--2aK4_ZGAQ Shopping for men who’re autocraticOwning all makes gifts problematicBirthday idea:Bridge to Crimea As a launchpad for fireworks… dramatic 🥳 Saudis help Putin weaponize gasStill, Ukraine’s kicking Russia’s assLeave borders aloneThe Hague has a boneTo pick: war-crimes committed en masse OOPS What’s left to say, that hasn’t been said?Untrained conscripts are ending up deadUnhappy RussiansSeek … Continue reading Birthday Limerick for a Fascist War-Criminal