Batten Down Yer Hatches Trump

Avast ye— t’was on planet earth

Yo ho America the realm 

That sailed off course when Russia

Put cockswain Trump at the helm


Abaft in the White House

And each dungbie thar in

Sons (in-law) o biscuit eaters

And more hornswagglers moved in


Voyaging on toward Russia 

An iceberg dossier appeared

Held by privateer James Comey 

Whose forthrightness was bigly feared


Trump flexed his flabby muscle

Tried tapered bully charm

Hands hoy, er ye be shark bait 

Senate sounded the alarm


Thar be more than one black spot

‘Pon further inspection

Mike Pence too will walk the plank

Scuttle future elections


Powder monkey Paul Ryan 

Plays a plaintive melody

On his violin sinking

With his band the GOP


Their tune a compilation

Healthcare, Banks, and Tax reform 

Nary enuf lifeboats fer

Trump’s pre-existing faux platform


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