An Ode to Himself on 4 July

Well, we can't blame Betsy Devos for this one; she was not Secretary of Education when I was in school. I am a product of the inept Chicago public school system of yore. Twas a bit subpar when compared to other city schools in the U.S. Their biggest crime was a longterm failed effort to … Continue reading An Ode to Himself on 4 July

Fer Me Wee’est Spawn’s High School Gradeation Dey

T’ be youngest yer blessed and yer cursed Tho loose lips claim bein’ middle’s worst Yer ma’s big regret: Years swabbin’ the deck Fer time’s cruel, and can ne'er be reversed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Give no quarter to tricks nature plays Ye’ll be me laddie all o’ yer days Wi’ yer sea legs on Heave ho, chase … Continue reading Fer Me Wee’est Spawn’s High School Gradeation Dey

The Bright Side

We all have little fantasies that get us through our days... I hope it’s not just me. One of mine, not the one where I’m a pirate, is that I am French. It’s not a goal, those are attainable, it's a fantasy, like being a pirate. I mastered pirate, the language, decades ago. Avast ye, … Continue reading The Bright Side

The White House in Chaos… a Limerick

A confused and disorderly mass, (Trump) Has the helm of our ship... Avast! When will we hit shore? Fir me sea legs arrrgh sore! Not til all the Earth’s wealth he’s amassed... (Period) _________________________ <a href="">Viable</a>

Four Trumps in a Tub

Hey rub a dub dub    Four Trumps in a tub  And where does the money trail?         Putin, via the Russkie Mob                All of them going to jail. _________________________ <a href="">Harmonize</a>