It’s a Good Week Not to be Jeff Sessions…Although Potentially Profitable

This weekend it was announced that Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, will testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding Russia-gate, although it is unclear whether or not the testimony will take place in an open session.

Jeff Sessions had recused himself from any involvement in the Russia investigation after having been found to have perjured himself during his senate confirmation hearings. He failed to disclose, when asked directly, meetings he had with Russian officials. 
Recusal for perjury seems like (because it is) a slap on the wrist for a federal offense, but karma hasn’t moved on yet. Trump named Sessions as an advisor in his decision to fire then Director of the FBI James Comey, who was investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. 

One question senators may want to ask Mr Sessions: What does recusal mean to you?

Curiouser still, FBI Director James Comey testified on Thursday that he knew details about the attorney general before his recusal from the Russia probe that would have made his involvement in the Russia probe “problematic.” (Please let this be an open hearing.)

On the up-side, if the racist evil elf is found guilty of any criminal activity, he may profit from his own incarceration. According to financial disclosures required by congress, dated December 23, 2016, Jeff Sessions listed numerous Vanguard funds, which own more private prison stock than any other investment management company. 

It’s a win, win situation, butt…
Sessions may need to accustom himself to a bit of over crowding. His new strict policies regarding petty drug offenses and minor immigration related violations mean a large volume of prison roomies for the little guy. 


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