Where is the Stockpile of Masks?

I haven’t been posting as often as I usually do for good reason, but today I’m taking a break from the arduous task of growing out my unibrow to fill you in (get it?) on one of many current events. As I mentioned in a post earlier in the month, hospitals across the country have … Continue reading Where is the Stockpile of Masks?

The Koch Brothers New Pitch

The story: ”Koch network opens its doors to Democrats as it expands political engagement.” ~CNBC What? Those can’t be the same libertarian Koch brothers who said: ~ NO to the Elderly“We favor the repeal of the fraudulent, virtually bankrupt, and increasingly oppressive Social Security system. Pending that repeal, participation in Social Security should be made … Continue reading The Koch Brothers New Pitch

”I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” ~a poem

”I don't do cover-ups;” or any collusion. ”I don't do cover-ups;” obstruction’s a delusion. ”I don't do cover-ups;” porn stars the exception. ”I don't do cover-ups;” redactions/deception. ”I don't do cover-ups;” Barr sits on evidence, ” I don't do cover-ups;” that's my only defense. ”I don't do cover-ups;” I take translator’s notes, ” I don't … Continue reading ”I Don’t Do Cover-Ups” ~a poem

Barr’s in Contempt of Congress, and Trump’s an Idiot

In today's news, Donald Trump asserted executive privilege, in a strange attempt to circumvent Contempt of Congress charges against his Attorney General, Bill Barr. The House Judiciary Committee’s hearings and vote are being held today. That big news seems to have been overshadowed by the New York Times story that discloses a decade of Trump’s … Continue reading Barr’s in Contempt of Congress, and Trump’s an Idiot

Mnuchin and Barr follow Cohens Lead

This week Michael Cohen began his prison sentence; he is just one in a long line of former Trump employees who are suffering the consequences, for breaking the law on individual 1’s behalf. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is clamping down on the stolen presidency that keeps him a free man. As wrong as it is, that … Continue reading Mnuchin and Barr follow Cohens Lead

They’re Still After Your Health Insurance

On May 1, America was focussed on the Attorney General’s testimony, and rightly so. Bill Barr is a corrupt, dangerous man, protecting a compromised idiot; both need to go. Naturally, while we were watching the center ring, we missed something. This administration tends to send in the clowns, to distract us, while pickpockets do their … Continue reading They’re Still After Your Health Insurance