Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

It was 1972, when a young investigative journalist, Bob Woodward, teamed with Carl Bernstein while working for the Washington Post to uncover President Richard Nixon's crimes in what became known as Watergate. Their investigations ultimately led to Nixon's resignation. Has Woodward felled another criminal POTUS? The crimes of this one eclipse the crimes of the … Continue reading Shocked Again (Not Really) He Knew

This Week’s News Review: Countless Mice and Fourty-Five Humans

We have reached a milestone; 100,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19. What would the death toll be if we had a legitimate qualified leader? We are the sickest nation by far, with almost 1/3 of the world's reported cases. The vocal movement to reopen businesses has finally met with success. I saw a surprising statistic … Continue reading This Week’s News Review: Countless Mice and Fourty-Five Humans

Blowing Smoke and Sunshine up Your Ass

I may have attention deficit disorder. I’ll let you decide. Today I felt the need to look up the origin of the phrase ”blow sunshine up your ass.” Why? As my post started writing itself today, the first line (which again, wrote itself,) was: ”Today I’m going to blow sunshine up your ass.” Let me … Continue reading Blowing Smoke and Sunshine up Your Ass

What is the Truth?

I will admit that I suffer from anxiety, the origin of which can be traced back to my mother’s uterus; it wasn't big enough and I was forced out. Since then I’ve wondered, what does the future hold? Who, what, where, how, why, and when can I take another Xanax? Not knowing what is going … Continue reading What is the Truth?

You Lost Your Job—How Does Universal Healthcare Sound Now?

I’m going to say something radical; healthcare should not be tied to employment. 30% of the American population is about to learn why. The number of people filing initial unemployment claims rose by nearly 10 million in the last two weeks. Experts predict before this pandemic crisis is over 30% of the population will be … Continue reading You Lost Your Job—How Does Universal Healthcare Sound Now?

Representative Mo Brooks– a poem

Alabama congressman: "People who lead good lives" don't have preexisting conditions Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks Judges not by deeds, the sick are crooks ”People who lead good lives” no one bad Suffer pre-existing (what they’ve had) ~ From injuries to cancer, his view, End affordable healthcare for you Judgemental, entitled, in power More morality by … Continue reading Representative Mo Brooks– a poem