Sessions Session, and Yay It Rhymes

He can’t recall exactly 

Would you repeat that please

I’m not aware of anything

That answer should appease


Contempt of congress with a smile 

And southern hospitality

Jeff Sessions can’t answer by virtue 

Of “confidentiality” 


That isn’t a choice offered

To refuse an answer “just incase”

At some future date or time

Or in some other place 


Donald Trump evokes his

Executive privilege 

Don’t say Sessions is stonewalling… 

Or you’ll his see angry elf visage

He’s never been briefed on Russia 

Although it is his guess that it’s

“Really a tragic strategic event” 

Russia’s not friended by the US 


Senators those are detestable 

Lies and whispered innuendo 

Insinuating he has an opinion

Or that there’s anything he knows 


He doesn’t recall Flynn or Manafort 

Or those other guys 

He’ll answer questions about films

But doesn’t know real spies 


and your time is up.

8 thoughts on “Sessions Session, and Yay It Rhymes

  1. He is a lying little weasel. I am beside myself wondering how everyone who has anything to do with Trump manages to get away with what they do every single day. And people thought the Clinton’s were liars? What about the entire Trump cabinet including the head dude himself??

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  2. Maybe Hillary was incorrect the “deplorables” weren’t the voters but the elected. Perhaps for whatever rationalization a person used to vote for Trump and so many “republican” legislators they can try to justify their action of November 8th. Whether a republican, democrat or other how could any decent honest person still support them 6 months later? Politics aside I just don’t like these elected and appointed people. They display no regard for others, no caring about the good of the country only their own money and power. The money I probably can’t change but in 2018 I will work to take away the power. There are decent people in this country and it is time to elect some.

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    1. Great points! It makes me wonder if politics makes good people corrupt and self serving, or if politics attracts people who already have those characteristics. In the case of Trump it is clearly the latter.


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