The Tax Refund and A Giant Tree

Once upon a time there was a taxpayer who received a tax refund. It seemed like a big tax refund, and it made the taxpayer very happy. Life with a refund was good for the taxpayer. What would the taxpayer do with the refund? The possibilities were endless: pay off a credit card, put a … Continue reading The Tax Refund and A Giant Tree

Autumn and Winter Binging

Thing 1 headed back to school today, but before she did, we had some mother daughter bonding in the form of binge watching an older TV show that neither of us had seen: season 1 of "Gilmore Girls", a chick show if there ever was one. So why am I feeling hostile? The setting is … Continue reading Autumn and Winter Binging

Where is the Raft?

The rising sun's heat warms my back as a light breeze cools it; I inhale mist of salty air and smile. Finally I can I dead?  Floating along on life's metaphorical inflatable raft, of course something unreasonable has to happen, because this is me.  With increasing volume...I hear the roar of a giant wave. … Continue reading Where is the Raft?


At a glance she thrives Flourishes Charmed and carefree  A vibrant picture of youth But Life is never exactly as it appears Underneath her calm display Crisis brews Sweet simmering smiles  Churn constant chaos  Inside She volunteers nothing  It is kept contained  Until one day It boils over  Bewildering  Everyone _____________________ October 22, 2016~ Daily … Continue reading Appearances

Clowns are People Too

Anti Clown panic threatens to cause lasting damage in Clown communities across the country. This week it got personal for Shelky the Clown. He didn't understand when someone shouted at him from a passing car: "I was just waiting for the bus on my way to work when a car slowed down and a man shouted … Continue reading Clowns are People Too

Ivy’s Envy

There was a girl named Ivy Who was the youngest of the litter She fought hard to get attention From her parents and the sitter She looked up to seven siblings They were superlatively tall The problem was they didn't look down She was invisible to all She only wanted to be noticed All she … Continue reading Ivy’s Envy