An Intoxicated Volcano Erupting with Shimmering Bliss that Smells Pretty Good

Every once in a while it's nice to reflect on the good things. Today I will attempt to list 10 things in my life that are pleasant. My children are all healthy. That wasn't the case 6 months ago, so I am...beyond any interjection your thesaurus has to offer...I am an intoxicated volcano erupting shimmering … Continue reading An Intoxicated Volcano Erupting with Shimmering Bliss that Smells Pretty Good

Downtrodden Feet

Built on a foundation of starry eyed moonbeams Fine cracks turn to sink holes of disappointed dreams How painful in life to realise your desires May not come to pass however hard you conspire Competing with mobs on this path many chose Surrendering innocence as insecurity grows This footpath is sidetracked with unscheduled detours  Thorns … Continue reading Downtrodden Feet


Of the possibilities...  A life without limits Keeping you from Experiences  You've dreamt of Places  You'd hoped to see How your life might be But that voice in your head can't So you don't  Meanwhile  A year has passed And another  And still you wish  You were  Fearless ___________________________ March 26, 2016, Fearless: <a … Continue reading Think

Ivy’s Envy

There was a girl named Ivy Who was the youngest of the litter She fought hard to get attention From her parents and the sitter She looked up to seven siblings They were superlatively tall The problem was they didn't look down She was invisible to all She only wanted to be noticed All she … Continue reading Ivy’s Envy


Submerged and lifeless Billowing clothes hair limbs Enmeshed in a dispirited dance Of affected peacefulness Sepulchral drifting Diminished unsinkable bones Adrift over time Insidiously dissatisfied  Wishing for a tide A mid-course correction An enticing pull  Away from multifarious blues Toward ever elusive sunlight and air...  ______________________________ The Daily Post, February 15, 2016, Daily Prompt: Money … Continue reading Vicissitude 

My Cup

My cup runneth over. Repeat as necessary. That is my prescription for sanity. I tell myself that I have this cup, and that it's really full, and I believe it. The problem is that my cup is straining under its heavy load. My cup is replete with responsibilities, of which I will spare you the … Continue reading My Cup