Scaravan… limerick

The Scaravan now TWO months away Fear and anguish... started yesterday “It is an invasion” Not one Caucasian! 4000 “thugs” the GOP say In this week before the election Be very afraid of infection Only GOP Can provide safety (Asylum is legal protection) With “Measles, syphilis, leprosy, Hmm... Smallpox, TB, shingles, HIV, That’s not enough? … Continue reading Scaravan… limerick

What is Going On at Berkeley? 

Prettily situated on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, The University of California, Berkeley is a prestigious school affiliated with over 70 Nobel Laureates whose areas of expertise include physics, chemistry, economics, and literature.  The school accepts only the brightest 17% of the population, and shakes down in-state residents for $35k while outsiders … Continue reading What is Going On at Berkeley? 

The Tax Refund and A Giant Tree

Once upon a time there was a taxpayer who received a tax refund. It seemed like a big tax refund, and it made the taxpayer very happy. Life with a refund was good for the taxpayer. What would the taxpayer do with the refund? The possibilities were endless: pay off a credit card, put a … Continue reading The Tax Refund and A Giant Tree

Missile Strike Target— The Public’s Perception

CNN has called Donald Trump "presidential" in the wake of his cruise missile attack on Syria. Fareed Zachariah, on CNN's "New Day" said on Friday: "I think Donald Trump became president of the United States last night, I think this was actually a big moment." FOX called the missile strike a "success", and other FOX … Continue reading Missile Strike Target— The Public’s Perception

Betsy Devos is Confirmed An unqualified moron (my humble opinion), has just been confirmed as Education Secretary of the United States. A woman who never set foot in a public school is now in charge of them. A woman who at the senate confirmation hearings said guns are needed in the classroom to protect against "potential grizzlies" can … Continue reading Betsy Devos is Confirmed

How Orange is Trump Today?

I am not a scientist. I am not a journalist. I am not a politician. I am not a lot of things. What I am is keenly observervant. I have seen an alarming pattern emerge since January 20, 2017, that great day Dictator Trump took office. I would like to share my data, at no … Continue reading How Orange is Trump Today?