I know everything is not about me, but this is my blog, so it kind of is. With everything happening to me as of late: hurricanes, fires, pandemics, earthquakes, sharknados, I have but one regret. I’m disappointed in myself because I’ve been writing so sporadically. My excuse is that I struggle with anxiety; lately, it's … Continue reading XLVII Days

Thank Me for My Patience

I am not going to complain today, despite news that Kanye and Jared Kushner speak daily. I won't complain—today, despite Dollhand's admission that he’s sabotaging the US postal service to keep people from voting by mail, and in the process endangering the lives and sustenance of many people whose prescription drugs and Social Security checks … Continue reading Thank Me for My Patience

Karens and Ice-Cube

Yesterday I learned that I cannot make jokes about menopause when the topic of conversation is Karens, because it's sexist. *A Karen, if anyone doesn't know, is a racist white woman who has lost her mind. She is a tRump supporter. Legend has it that the first such woman caught on tape was named Karen. … Continue reading Karens and Ice-Cube

Super Crunchy Chicago Winters in the Days of Yore

I grew up in Chicago before winters became mild. Chicago winters today are, like creamy peanut butter, for wimps. There can not be two opinions on this, because it is not opinion, it is a fact. Real men and women eat crunchy peanut butter. Likewise, pre-Y2K Chicago winters were crunchy, super crunchy, the stuff of … Continue reading Super Crunchy Chicago Winters in the Days of Yore

The Back of Alex’s Head

*I'm re-posting a link in memory of my high school crush who passed away this week. Peace Alex I truly hated high school And wished to disappear Self destructive recklessness Combined with rage and fear Hormone fueled irrationality Ruled by self doubt and so Despairing of the future Which I'd much rather forego Struggling for … Continue reading The Back of Alex’s Head

Where is the Raft?

The rising sun's heat warms my back as a light breeze cools it; I inhale mist of salty air and smile. Finally I can relax...am I dead?  Floating along on life's metaphorical inflatable raft, of course something unreasonable has to happen, because this is me.  With increasing volume...I hear the roar of a giant wave. … Continue reading Where is the Raft?