Scribing Fairy Spells…

Aspiring beyond her extended reach A floating figure on an incandescent beach Intrinsically scribes creating fairy spells A waxing moon accents the sea as it swells ~ Painting white caps, blue skies, spring trees A smeller of all good things she sees She'd be Prancer, in a reindeer fleet With sidewalk portraitist’s chalky shoeless feet … Continue reading Scribing Fairy Spells…

Happy Mother’s Day… What Did You Weigh?

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who did it, despite being warned. I'm taking the day off to sob, but thought you might enjoy a post written on a Mother's Day of yor. (Fancy for: two years ago.) Too lazy? Okay. Here is a quick limerick, but then you may read my old post. You're welcome.~ … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day… What Did You Weigh?

Dear Donald Trump, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” #StillNotMyPresident

Hearing “Merry Christmas” now causes malaise Trump made it a zealous ethnocentric phrase Now all I ever say Is Happy Hollidays I long for a leader with social mores _____________________ <a href="">Communal</a>

An Early Summer Day’s Dream

Frantic persistent president  Pestering one and all Kushner, Coates, Pompéi, Rosenstein, Sessions—(racist elf screwball) ~ Trump had pulled each of them aside  Late winter, early spring Asked them inappropriately To 'fix the Russia thing' ~ That FBI guy James Comey  Wouldn't pledge his loyalty He doesn't seem to get it— That "Apprentice" me! ~ … Continue reading An Early Summer Day’s Dream

The Back of Alex’s Head

*I'm re-posting a link in memory of my high school crush who passed away this week. Peace Alex I truly hated high school And wished to disappear Self destructive recklessness Combined with rage and fear Hormone fueled irrationality Ruled by self doubt and so Despairing of the future Which I'd much rather forego Struggling for … Continue reading The Back of Alex’s Head

The Day PETA Killed the Circus

I'm not going to cloud this post with facts, quotation marks or statistics. This post is about me and how I feel about the closing after 146 years of "The Greatest Show on Earth."(except for those quotation marks) What will those of us who are disillusioned with reality have left to aspire to? I know … Continue reading The Day PETA Killed the Circus