Autumn and Winter Binging

Thing 1 headed back to school today, but before she did, we had some mother daughter bonding in the form of binge watching an older TV show that neither of us had seen: season 1 of "Gilmore Girls", a chick show if there ever was one. So why am I feeling hostile? The setting is … Continue reading Autumn and Winter Binging

The Real Thanksgiving Story

In an attempt to understand what exactly we are celebrating on Thanksgiving - by gorging ourselves, I've read several different histories, none of which is exactly the same. What I have come to understand however is that the colonists (who did not call themselves Pilgrims) and the indigenous people (the Wampanoag Indian tribe) did not … Continue reading The Real Thanksgiving Story

Go Back

With roots of grey A soul that's black Empty eyes blood red and brown One gloomy day  Foul winds attack Umber leaves like rain pelt down Below the ground  A wicked scream Gore bespeaking a bloodbath Beyond profound No fiendish dream Ends a villain's crumbling path A sign 'BEWARE' The scene complete Corpses coffins catacombs … Continue reading Go Back

Begging for Candy Day

I remember what it was like: the anticipation, crisp fall air, crunching leaves, masks that limit  vision, the nauseating smell of greasy costume makeup, and the cherished costume hidden underneath that cursed winter coat that "okay mom" made me wear. Damn the Midwest weather. Today is of course the national holiday otherwise known as Begging … Continue reading Begging for Candy Day