Nighthawks~ Edward Hopper Doomed to solitude by my imagination The idea of you Is so far beyond what is possible For any human being Which is why I leave you there With him While I remain here And watch The person I imagine you to be But whom I know does not exist ~~•~~ I’ve … Continue reading Solitude

Biological Warfare

Four days ago she came to work sick... Selfish Trump supporter Now on Election Day, this democrat is  Horizontal  Dizzy with pounding sinuses ~chills The flu?  Treacherous this biological warfare... On second thought,  I can't focus enough to torture myself With watching endless election coverage... And I voted early Snap _____________________________ November 8, 2016, Daily … Continue reading Biological Warfare


At a glance she thrives Flourishes Charmed and carefree  A vibrant picture of youth But Life is never exactly as it appears Underneath her calm display Crisis brews Sweet simmering smiles  Churn constant chaos  Inside She volunteers nothing  It is kept contained  Until one day It boils over  Bewildering  Everyone _____________________ October 22, 2016~ Daily … Continue reading Appearances

For You

Some view generosity Suspiciously Like me Although giving - preferably If done genially Feels exemplary  Only  If it's understood Any reciprocation would In all likelihood   Diminish the mood... Could Inspire anonymity - a cloak a hood Which may or may not be good  So shut up and take it...yes you should ___________________________ September 23, … Continue reading For You


Relief in the idea that all is finally well A peaceful portrait  a fragile illusion resolutely created perfectly positioned pridefully displayed Of course... this image  isn't hung quite right  One heavy footfall  brings it violently crashing down revealing a different  flawed reality  that has always been there hidden behind it _____________________________ September 16, 2016, Daily … Continue reading Appearances


If I were six for a day... I would eat cookie dough  and dream about being  Seven With long bangs  And front teeth I would chortle At five year olds  Who drink milk And take naps During their  Half-day kindergarten Those babies If I were six for a day...  _________________________________ The Daily Post, September 29, … Continue reading Six