A Limerick for My Second Spawn

This day in 1997A bundle descended from heavenHer name was EmmaFirst a dilemma For you, a clinical progression: ~"Heaven" in real terms was my uterusManifested in a large protuberance She was happy in thereSadly going no where Her firm grip was somewhat dubious ~Obstetrician scheduled an inductionI arrived at 9 as per instructions5 pm rolled … Continue reading A Limerick for My Second Spawn

The Back of Alex’s Head

*I'm re-posting a link in memory of my high school crush who passed away this week. Peace Alex I truly hated high school And wished to disappear Self destructive recklessness Combined with rage and fear Hormone fueled irrationality Ruled by self doubt and so Despairing of the future Which I'd much rather forego Struggling for … Continue reading The Back of Alex’s Head

Autumn and Winter Binging

Thing 1 headed back to school today, but before she did, we had some mother daughter bonding in the form of binge watching an older TV show that neither of us had seen: season 1 of "Gilmore Girls", a chick show if there ever was one. So why am I feeling hostile? The setting is … Continue reading Autumn and Winter Binging


Starbucks didn't have holiday spice for the coffee she (let's call her Magi) had already paid for. One of the baristas (Mary?) went to who knows where (possibly Bethlehem) to locate some of the elusive spice (Myrh?)  Twenty minutes passed...meanwhile she should already have been at work. Word came from who knows who (Joseph?) that there was … Continue reading Distractions

For You

Some view generosity Suspiciously Like me Although giving - preferably If done genially Feels exemplary  Only  If it's understood Any reciprocation would In all likelihood   Diminish the mood... Could Inspire anonymity - a cloak a hood Which may or may not be good  So shut up and take it...yes you should ___________________________ September 23, … Continue reading For You

What are You Reading?

Between big books like War and Peace or maybe Moby Dick I confess I have a taste for books even Oprah wouldn't pick If someone dares to ask what I'm reading on my kindle Um..."Truth Before Everything" - Wonder why I'm single? I'm stuck on Austen - an ailment no other book can cure  But … Continue reading What are You Reading?