Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

Moscow Mitch promised he would retire
If his party’s majority mired
It was, as you see,
Goodbye GOP
Now to snuff out his burning hellfire
The Senate is now lost for the right
And the House still in Democrats sight
If both are turned blue
Think of all we can do
Power to the people—now indict
Those who attempted to overthrow
The government, many we know,
Still sit in congress
That must be addressed
And we also will codify roe
Mitch rejected Dems judicial choices
Whose agendas’ gagged women’s voices
As if it was sport
He jam-packed the court
Take a seat, Mitch, do not annoy us.
Democratic sellouts come to mind
Trojan horses paid off and assigned
Pharma and fossil
Their threat, colossal
Manchin and Sinema— TOE THE LINE.

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