Brett Kavanaugh and Jim Jordan, They Had it Coming

The song on replay in my mind this morning is ‘Cell Block Tango’ composed by John Kander, Fred Ebb, from Bob Fosse’s musical “Chicago.” Why am I thinking about this song? Well, it’s because I just read about a film, a “secret documentary” about SCOTUS Brett Kavanaugh and how the FBI ignored 4500 tips, … Continue reading Brett Kavanaugh and Jim Jordan, They Had it Coming

Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

Moscow Mitch promised he would retireIf his party’s majority miredIt was, as you see,Goodbye GOPNow to snuff out his burning hellfire•~•The Senate is now lost for the rightAnd the House still in Democrats sightIf both are turned blueThink of all we can doPower to the people—now indict•~•Those who attempted to overthrow The government, many we … Continue reading Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

BROKEN NEWS: What the Hell Happened Yesterday?

Yesterday was a news cluster-duck. (I never mean duck.) Sup with the DOJ, China, Trump, Macron, Clarence Thomas, and Lindsey Graham? The following should have been televised on mainstream media, but it didn’t garner a mention. A news brief was held yesterday by high level officials of the Department of Justice. Word that there would … Continue reading BROKEN NEWS: What the Hell Happened Yesterday?

It’s Time to Vote

“Young people are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression and raising the banners of freedom.” ~Nelson Mendala If you’ve already voted, scroll to the end. The tweets attached are your reward. I deleted most of this post on edit because with everything that’s happened in the past year, if you’re not … Continue reading It’s Time to Vote

The Supreme Court Trump Built

Our Supreme Court: unelected, unethical, unqualified, unrepentant. They defy the wishes of the majority because they do not work for us. Their rulings are a nod to the Federalist Society. Not all nine, but four (LIARS) chosen by a twice impeached POTUS who tried to overthrow the government with the aid of the wife … Continue reading The Supreme Court Trump Built

Federalist Society’s Supreme Court Vote Violates International Law A far-right wing, dark money organization, the Federalist Society, hand-picked the Supreme Court majority we have today. “Control the women” is at the top of their to-do list. The five justices who voted to overturn Roe lack the basic neutrality that makes a fair judge: Justice Alito, the SCOTUS who penned the leaked letter … Continue reading Federalist Society’s Supreme Court Vote Violates International Law