The House Built on Gerrymandered Districts, Election 2022

I just spent 30 minutes trapped in a tire shop where not only was I assaulted by rubber tire smell, but Fox News blared in the waiting area. Maybe “blared” is dramatic, but Kelly Ann Conway was on, and my mind was transported to the Hell of 2016. It was a long 20 minutes and I’m intoxicated by fumes, but I’m going to be okay. Thanks for asking.

Moving on, as Jon Cooper, former national finance something for President Biden and something else for President Obama, said this morning: “If Republicans end up winning the House by a RAZOR-THIN margin, that will ONLY have been because of extreme, partisan gerrymandering by the GOP — in TX, FL, OH and elsewhere. The GOP couldn’t win a fair fight.”

Gerrymandering is a GOP practice of manipulating District borders to give themselves an unfair advantage. It disenfranchises the majority which is an assault against our democracy.

Gah, that’s true. Acknowledging it doesn’t help. If they don’t cheat, they can’t win. They do cheat and win. They have the help of our Supreme Court who interfered on their behalf to allow gerrymandering, which had been illegal, for about ten minutes. That intervention gave the GOP a 10 point lead out of the gate (in Florida,) in the race for the U.S. House of Representatives.

I’ve been glued to Twitter, following a coder, (a computer nerd,) Christopher Bouzy, whose independent research contended that despite the words of pundits, Democratic candidates would prevail with 218-219. He said everything I wanted to hear; he had me. And he was right about a lot of his predictions, which were based on a formula that hurts my head. He now says he’s tweaked his method and his forecasts will have pinpoint precision in 2024. BUT I WANT PINPOINT PRECISION NOW! As of last night, he conceded, California District 3 has gone red, (f*ck you CA3!) and it is now unlikely Democrats will reach the magic number- 218.

House GOP has reached 217, and Democrats have 205. As votes continue to be counted the blue numbers will continue to inch up, but, realistically, it’s over. I hate reality.

Even Representative Katie Porter from California district 47, the whiteboard super hero who brings ‘the man’ to his knees with a swipe of her dry-erase marker, is in a tight race! What the Hell, California?!

Colorado District 3’s Lauren Boebert, who was a tour guide for insurrectionists on 1/5, and Tweeted Speaker Pelosi’s location during the riot on 1/6, was losing her race two days ago, but now leads by a few hundred votes. The decision will come down to the last few ballots.

Every vote matters. Democrats know that, and are urging voters in Boebert’s Colorado district, and districts across California, to search at the status of their mail-in ballots. They tossed aside thousands for minor discrepancies. It’s not too late, but soon will be, to go to “cure your ballot,” if you check online and find it was rejected.

Kevin McCarthy said yesterday, if he is elected to be Speaker of the House he will end Social Security.

I forgot my point.

We have one last hope for a House Majority. Four republicans who occupy seats in the House were among those who asked Trump for pardons after 1/6. If they’re removed from office for their criminal conspiracy, the procedure to replace them is to hold a special election. Until that happens, their seat will be vacant.

Don’t roll your eyes at me. I need hope to get through my day. Reality may never meet hope. But, the closer we get to 218, the better.

And yes, we have the Senate. 😃

4 thoughts on “The House Built on Gerrymandered Districts, Election 2022

  1. Should we start to question election results? When I heard that Abbot, who literally couldn’t keep the lights on won handily I wonder whether the Good Ole Pervert party doesn’t actually have some way of manipulating the voting machines.

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    1. I especially question Texas, Florida, and Kentucky. Why wouldn’t DeSantis allow federal agents to monitor the count? That’s a red flag.

      States with republican Secretaries of State, who run the elections, clear registration rolls in democratic areas, they reject thousands of mail-in ballots and they closed polling stations in college towns and democratic areas, resulting in long lines elsewhere.

      Machines were conveniently broken (Maricopa, County, AZ.).

      I read the usual – complaints, I think that was in from Texas, “the machine changed my vote.” It’s always democrats who say that. We also have the fact that Republicans project their sins onto democrats. If they accuse democrats you know they’re doing it.

      Only 9 House republicans voted for the election reform bill.


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