The NBA, Pat Tillman, and Jesus

Super Bowl LVII Like many of you, I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. I’m not a diehard football fan. The last time I was invested in the sport was decades ago, when the Chicago Bears, my hometown team, played well. Yes, I’m that old. I only watched football this season after the January trauma … Continue reading The NBA, Pat Tillman, and Jesus

Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

Moscow Mitch promised he would retireIf his party’s majority miredIt was, as you see,Goodbye GOPNow to snuff out his burning hellfire•~•The Senate is now lost for the rightAnd the House still in Democrats sightIf both are turned blueThink of all we can doPower to the people—now indict•~•Those who attempted to overthrow The government, many we … Continue reading Bye, Mitch—A Limerick

Malarkey-Free Zone

President Biden is on fire! He’s doing what we need to get out of the grasp of the MAGA cult, outing the conservatives who committed large-scale fraud. They took money that was intended to keep people employed during the beginning of the Covid pandemic. The Payroll Protection Program was a grift devised by the former … Continue reading Malarkey-Free Zone