Good News First

The good news:

House Representatives Ted Lieu, David Cicilline, Jamie Raskin, and the House Judiciary staff drafted an Article of Impeachment and formally introduced it at the House pro forma session today. They have charged Trump with “incitement of insurrection,” they specify Trump’s “actions and statements leading to the armed and violent storming of the U.S. Capitol by an insurrectionist mob. “

The not so good news:

The House vote will likely not take place until Wednesday or Thursday.

More good news:

If a simple majority, (51%) of the House’s 435 members votes to impeach, Donald Trump will become the first POTUS in history to have been impeached twice.

The breakdown of the current 433 members of Congress is 222 Democrats and 211 Republicans. Those are some good odds.

The not so good news:

After the House impeaches Trump, the articles move to the Senate where Mitch McConnell decides what will be voted on. He is on the last days of his power trip and may want to experience the thrill of sticking it to the libs one last time. If he allows the vote, a conviction requires a 3/4 majority vote.

The good news is:

It only takes a simple majority (51) yes votes to disqualify Trump from ever holding public office again.

The not so good news:

Because a Senate conviction requires a 3/4 majority, given the partisan divide, he is unlikely to see a conviction. If pigs flew into the Senate chamber and did convict him, the result would be immediate removal from office, a loss of all benefits afforded an ex-president including $200,000 annual pension, and loss of secret service protection.

The bad news:

Given the fact that more domestic terrorist attacks are planned on Trump’s behalf, against our government in DC and all 50 state capitals, beginning on January 16 and continuing at least until the 20th, relying on impeachment alone is dangerous. Trump must be removed from office immediately.

The good news:

The House formally presented Mike Pence with a request to remove Trump citing the 25th Amendment. Good news particularly because he was ghosting Speaker Pelosi, (avoiding her phone calls.)

The not so good news:

(Pardon my crude metaphor)

Mike Pence is behaving as if someone super-glued his scrotum to his leg and he’s afraid to move.

The good news:

Speaker Pelosi has been clear, she has every intention of using the 14th Amendment to remove seditious members of congress.

The hope:

We only have to survive nine more crazy days.

20 thoughts on “Good News First

  1. I am always struggling for a way to hit Moscow Mitch and force him to man up. I really think that the one thing that could do it woud be if corporations pulled support from him. One way to do that would be a spending boycott until the Senate started its hearings. I just do not know how to orchestrate such a program. I really feel like all of these guys nerves are in their pocketbooks and no other part of them has any feeling.

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    1. I think you’re right. The mob was looking for him as well as Pence and Pelosi on 1/6. His change of heart after the threat of violence only lasted one night. I’m so happy he’s been rendered insignificant with the Senate wins.
      Unfortunately, money controls the government and that will be hard to change.

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      1. If I knew how to get the word out I would suggest that no one spend a cent until Trump is out of office (and in a jail cell). We’ve all been laying in supplies for an emergency seems to me like armed insurrection qualifies.

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      1. I live just outside of Tallahassee, just ten miles from the state Capitol building. Of course we have a gop governor, so I doubt anything bad will go down here. Still, I hate that those a-holes are going to mess with my adventures.

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      2. I’m still having a hard time believing no one can stop this. Trump is not exactly subtle. It’s always been obvious what his intentions are. I know he’s removed anyone who might stand in his way, and Pence is as much a product of Putin as Trump, so no help there.
        As often as I’ve given my opinions and been proven wrong I have to say I believe Nancy Pelosi is so much smarter than those around her. His attempt to kill her only energized her. She will take him down.
        Stay safe. Hopefully, things will turn around after the 20th. Nine days seem like forever right now. 🙄

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    1. Yes, he decided he hates Trump. The rest of the Senate Republicans have been quiet about how they’ll vote, but 10-20 GOP Reps have announced they’ll vote to impeach. Things are turning around. It’s going to be a crazy week.

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