Mueller Found Proof of a Conspiracy

The majority of Americans did not read the 448 page Mueller report. Bill Barr successfully distracted that majority with his four-page synopsis, which, according to Mueller, "did not reflect the views of the department.” Now you can not read more and regularly— 500 pages, every month for the next eight years, yes eight years. You … Continue reading Mueller Found Proof of a Conspiracy

Pence Attempts Damage Control

Mike Pence returned from a short trip to Turkey yesterday to announce a ceasefire agreement that he made with Turkish President Erdogan on behalf of the Kurdish people. The US part of the deal was to give Turkey everything they want. That’s the best lie Vice President Mike Pence could mastermind. He would like you … Continue reading Pence Attempts Damage Control

Supreme Court Ruling — Bad News for Trump

Finally, some good news! The Supreme Court of the United States, by a vote of 7-2, ruled AGAINST overturning the "separate sovereigns" doctrine. The separate sovereigns doctrine gives states and the federal government the right to try the same person for the same offense without violating the Double Jeopardy Clause: Why does it matter? … Continue reading Supreme Court Ruling — Bad News for Trump

Donald Trump’s Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

Donald Trump's tribute to Martin Luther King Jr consisted of a surprise visit to the memorial service. The duration of Trump's visit did not exceed 90 seconds. His speech: “Good morning, everybody. It’s a great day. It’s a beautiful day. And thank you for being here. Appreciate it.” ~ Donald Trump Trump left, most likely … Continue reading Donald Trump’s Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

A Limerick for IQ45

Those put out of work don't matter to him Government shutdown response was a whim For funding his wall $5 billion in all With "Steel slats" closing in, all appears grim ~ Propelling the market's rapid descent Some 401k's lost 20% Gift Syrian land And Afghanistan To Putin sans General Mattis' consent ~ Mattis stepped … Continue reading A Limerick for IQ45

Mike Flynn 0-6 months… limerick

Dallied all day, beyond distracted To see how Trump will be impacted Was it worth the wait? The document's great: Redacted, redacted, redacted ~ Except... traitor Mike Flynn’s crimes— excused? His confessions must have been suffused Enough to take down Mike Pence and that clown Individual 1 and son... they're screwed Mueller says Michael … Continue reading Mike Flynn 0-6 months… limerick