Confused by Vocal Vegans

I rarely mention my eating habits. Unless we’re planning to eat together you might never know. I’m a vegan. I am as vegan as the next vegan, but last night made me ashamed to be a vegan. I finally determined why people dislike us. We are not represented well. Vocal vegans ruin it for everybody. Why can’t we just eat the damn kale and leave people alone?

Yesterday was Super Tuesday, and as Joe Biden was giving a pep talk, two young vegan women interrupted his speech, holding signs with a picture of a cow (Devin Nunes’Cow?) and the printed words “Let Dairy Die.”

Profound? No, but to be fair, vegans are notoriously deficient in vitamin B12. B12 can affect your intelligence. I know this from experience. B12 supplements aren’t cheap. I paid for them with my children’s milk money. (I let dairy die.) B12 is so important to cognition, that if you miss taking it one day you’ll forget to take it forever, because of the B12 deficiency. This dooms you to eternal stupidity.

This is how it went down. The first woman weakly “stormed” the stage, with an indoor voice shouted – “let dairy die.” She was ushered off by some old guy in a suit.

That was when the second protester “leaped” into action, with the same sign and same words. She was overtaken by Joe Biden’s 200-year-old wife, Jill. Okay, she’s in her late sixties, and she looks much younger, but the vegan looked like a twenty-year-old. So now we all look weak. Thanks.

It is my opinion that vegans who need attention are usually not vegan for the long hall. Look at all the YouTube vegans who have fallen off the chuck wagon. They immediately decide to take on an anti-vegan platform trying to sway people’s eating habits in the other direction.

The dairy industry is at the bottom of the long list of animal cruelty offenders. Revolutionary vegans should be focusing their “energy” on the meat industry. See link below.

Anyway. I don’t care what you eat, because it wouldn’t matter if I did.

Now on to the results of Super Tuesday. Biden had a good night, so GOP/Russian propaganda trolls are out en masse this morning, pushing conspiracy theories, calling the process “rigged.” Former strange presidential candidate Marianne Williamson called it Biden’s success a “coup.” – (Trump verbiage.)

For the love of God, people voted; that is how democracy works. Bernie’s base has been stagnant at around 33% for years. He was in the lead because the moderate vote was split between so many moderate candidates. Three moderates dropped out, and low and behold, Bernie’s 33% is showing.

If you don’t like the results, that doesn’t make it, conspiracy or a coup. I want Warren to be president, but you don’t see me stumbling onto any stages holding a cow sign and stage whispering “cheese…”

I voted for Bernie in 2016. Soon thereafter, I realized he’s that very divisive, and so are some of his people. We are doing the divisive president with mean follower thing now, and it’s not my favorite. Bernie himself is saying Democrats buy elections. Biden spent not a dime in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maine, or Virginia. He focused on South Carolina. Bernie spent millions in each. Biden has spent the least amount of any candidate in the race. But he won overwhelmingly.

”The establishment had nothing to do with Joe Biden’s victory. He’s flat broke. He has not a single ad on the air … His victory is owed to African American voters, male and female, of every age in South Carolina, full stop.” ~MSNBC Commentator Nicolle Wallace

Maybe Biden is in the lead because of his calm presence; we are tired of the chaos. Bernie hates democrats but he wants to lead democrats. How is that going to work? His constant shouting is stressful for me. Maybe I’m feeling this stress because of a vegan vitamin deficiency. I believe if Bernie is nominated, it will be difficult for Democrats, of every dietary predilection, to win back the Senate. I will vote for Bernie in November if he’s the nominee. How many Bernie supporters would vote for a nominee who is not Bernie Sanders?

Can we all just calm the fuck down? I’m talking to everyone, including the vegans out there.

P..S Bloomberg just dropped out and is now supporting Biden. This doesn’t bode well for Bernie or Trump.

The following is a trailer for the film ’Cowspiracy.’ It’s not one of those gory animal cruelty films but focuses on the meat industry and their unscrupulous behavior. I recommend watching it.

Did I use the word ”vegan” enough in this post?

11 thoughts on “Confused by Vocal Vegans

  1. I was vegetarian for a while and vegans were nasty when I ventured onto their forums. Same with the militant atheists. I don’t believe all vegans and atheists are this way, just many on social media. It’s funny cuz I basically vibe with the ideas, but I can’t stand nastiness.

    Regarding Super T… I read that young people didn’t turn out as expected, which accounted for Bernie not doing as well. That’s not a conspiracy either. It’s hard to get 20-somethings to vote, always has been. That’ll be an issue in November too.

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  2. Ha, I left the horrible facebook platform because of the hatred shown towards veganism. Like you Lydia, I don’t care what you eat and I don’t care for some of the tactics used by so called vegans. I’ve adopted a Whole Food Plant Based dietary style now. I take my Vitamin B12 daily along with my Magnesium. I don’t talk about it to anyone, including my non WFPB husband.

    I may not liike the tactics but I applaud the courage of anyone who stands up for animals in this world. Someone needs to and it won’t be the Joe Biden’s or the Bernie Sanders. There is nothing in it for them.

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  3. I’ve been eating mostly vegan for a year now. No dairy (for health reasons), very little meat—I’ve had shrimp a few times, and chicken once in a salad because I just forgot. I feel sooo much better, but I did not know about B12. Must start that immediately—unless I forget. I’m not radical about anything (except my dislike of trump), so I’ll not be protesting the dairy industry any time soon.

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    1. You’ve triggered a mom speech:
      B-12 and iron are the two most people on vegan diets that are deficient in. B12 is a good energy booster too. Don’t take it on an empty stomach.
      Magnesium, turmeric, calcium- also good.
      I’m glad you feel better. I didn’t stop eating cheese until a few years ago, and that has made a huge difference in how I feel. I really think it’s addictive.

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      1. Thanks, “mom”! I’ll need your words. I’m going to buy B12 right now. And cheese is addictive. I still miss it occasionally. I eat it in my dreams sometimes.

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  4. I just wrote a blog post about the DxE, or the “Let Dairy Die” Protesters. I didn’t know anything about them except they kept popping up everywhere. I think you might like my post because it deals with the same people.

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