Confused by Vocal Vegans

I rarely mention my eating habits. Unless we’re planning to eat together you might never know. I'm a vegan. I am as vegan as the next vegan, but last night made me ashamed to be a vegan. I finally determined why people dislike us. We are not represented well. Vocal vegans ruin it for everybody. … Continue reading Confused by Vocal Vegans

Final Presidential Vote Count 2016 In – As Electors Convene

December 19, 2016 We have been waiting for finalised numbers for the popular vote since the Presidential election on November 9th. They're in, and offer no surprise: Hillary Clinton- 65,844,594 Donald Trump- 62,979,616 Hillary's lead- 2,864,978 This gives Hillary Clinton the third highest vote count in history, just behind Barack Obama in 2008, and 2012. … Continue reading Final Presidential Vote Count 2016 In – As Electors Convene


Twenty some odd years ago In Guadalajara Mexico I felt an inescapable  Inexorable ineluctable Desire- it was an unreasonable need I decided on that day To purchase a hammock I must say It has never hung anyplace But I still keep it just incase  Someday- I might relax between two trees ______________ December 2, 2016 … Continue reading Someday